Nîmes: Muslims threaten market vendors who sell wine, pork and light clothing

written 26/9/12

From Dreuz:

An original Translation by Michael Laudahn:

Sharia rules in French market?

Yesterday , in the market of Chemin Bas d’Avignon in Nîmes, moslems threatened wine sellers, a butcher who sells pork and a pork butcher, as well as vendors who sell ‘light clothing’, and banned them from coming back on pain of death.

Already a few months ago, a pork butcher disappeared from one day to the next, even though he had a good clientèle. No one understood why, according to a resident of the district. In june, the market’s commercial arcade was totally burned, and the inhabitants of the district created a collective to complain about the rise in violence from young moslems, without anything effective having been done about it by the local government.

On Radio France Bleue’s open line, a female moslem inhabitant of this quarter declared this morning that ‘I am still semi-surprised, for this is on the rise in the community. One states that this sentiment of communitarism progresses, the moslems will lock themselves up inside.’ ‘These are moslems who claim an extreme interpretation of islam’, says Morad [a caller – like also the other names] to this station. Abdel adds ‘that they should return to their countries. This is racism. These are people seeking provocation’.

Then it is Jacqueline’s turn, of whose voice we hear that she is in despair for having had to endure for years powerlessly this situation, given the indifference of the public powers: ‘This is a minority, sure’, says she to the Radio Bleue journalist, who refuses to qualify this as racism, ‘but this is a minority who prevents people from living normally.

If the opposite thing had happened, blood would have flown. This is anti-white, anti-christian racism.’ ‘We see little girls, maybe 5 years old, and veiled, this hurts’, says Monique, living in this street. ‘They enforce halal meat, and they don’t want that we eat what we want to eat. The longer this goes on, the more people are veiled. It’s these people who put the french into a mess.’ ‘This certainly is a minority’, witnesses José, ‘but within several weeks, they can rot a situation.

We haven’t said anything on the halal commerce. They want to create a ghetto. This is racism [the journaliste staving off the acusuation rapidly]. The authorities must stop that, must stop this fundamentalist.’ The good co-existence has failed, the integration has failed, the chance for France has turned into malediction. The conquering islam advances, the laders of France and the do-gooders profit in a stealth manner.

Story originally found at Islam Vs. Europe


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11 Replies to “Nîmes: Muslims threaten market vendors who sell wine, pork and light clothing”

  1. France is going to explode soon. Muslims are always pretending that they are victimised and very soon they will be for real!

  2. I met a Danish girl in my French course earlier this year, who lived with her boyfriend in the only neighborhood in Lyon where orthodox Jews still can wear clothes which identify them as such without too much fear of being victims of mahoundian violence.
    Though they lived in the safest area in town, she told me that her boyfriend once arrived home with a big cut in his forehead, after being attacked not far from there by someone (most likely a mahoundian) saying “I just hate you French people.”

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