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    Vlad, Eeyore…download this and load into MRCTV, not that it will be lost but just in case…..

    Regards, Don Laird
    Edson, Alberta, Canada

  2. I have believed for a long while that it will be France that starts the fight back. I just dont believe that the French are cheese eating surrender monkeys. It was French media that published the Danish Mohammed cartoons while the US media self censored itself. So then, so now – Hebdo.

    The French are central to the salvation of the West.

    1.They are central to European civilisation.
    2. What they start the fight back, Germany will be able to follow without being crippled by its Nazi past. With France and Germany together, the whole of the EU will start the fight back.

    Ut all depends on France, just as it all depended on America and the Briatin in the last ten years.

  3. Actually Greece seems to have the lead on all this.

    Having said that…

    As I wrote in the agenda and views of this site, vigilante action is the second worst outcome to surrender to islam and all that goes with it. The ideal of course is a proper government action which is simply to continue to enforce the laws and rules we already have and to not make special exceptions for muslims and the whole problem simply wont exist. I started this blog some time ago now because I felt enough public awareness could preserve classical liberalism even if universities have taught children now that Jeffersonian thought is ‘far right’ and tantamount to, if not another word for the same thing, as Nazis.

    It is a massive piss off for me that despite all this work the best we can hope for at this time is the tried and failed strong man solution. And we are heading there fast as our own weak and useless leaders, and sadly I must include Canada in that as despite the stellar words of PM Harper and his minister of Immigration, Jason Kenny, we seem to be bringing in unprecedented numbers of Muslims and handing them the keys to the palace so that they don’t see the need for conspicuous action just yet.

    The opportunity for a peaceful solution may be passing us by. But not the possibility of an orderly one. So I guess the best hope for now is that the organizations we have ceded our own mandates to for the use of force such as the police and army etc. manage to continue to act in the interests of a free and democratic society governed by rational democratic principles and law.

    That isn’t looking to likely either but at least that is still possible.

  4. Meanwhile, here in Canada our own government works overtime to destroy our fundamental right to the freedom of speech. I am somewhat surprised that besides myself none of the usual bloggers who profess to be free speechers have bothered to take up the cause of what happened to Madi and Julien Lussier of the Canadian Immigration Report website.

    I wonder why?


  5. Eeyore, I agree.
    As people sit around and do nothing, the opportunity for a peaceful solution is passing us by. Fjordman wrote that if we ended immigration and stamped out the promotion of ‘multiculturalism’, we still had time to reverse the tide and ensure the European people a homeland. That window is closing. We are already seeing the Balkans (where else?) getting ahead of the game. Greece is rounding Muslims up to deport and nationalists have to put boots on the ground to protect the Greek people. If the politicians further west do not wake up soon, we will see the same thing in the Netherlands and France. It’s only a matter of time, and there was only so much we could do before this happened.

    This is going to get violent. I predicted as much. You cannot steal people’s birthright without expecting those people to rise up against you. I’d cite Marine Le Pen’s massive support among France’s YOUTH as an example. There will be an inevitable backlash.

    Great video, by the way. Thanks for posting it 😀

  6. Well, there are some young ones that respect our values out there. I was beginning to lose hope, I thought they’d all drunk the koolaid, and become leftards. Bravo to the youth who are willing & able to take up our banner of loyalty, patriotism, common sense and respect for freedom and our heritage. Bravo!

  7. The push back will come after we leave Afghanistan in 2014. Several things will be happening

    1. The debt crisis will be really hard

    2. Benefit money will run out

    3. Riots because of unemployment will become a feature of life as in Greece.

    4. By 2014, the nature of Islam would be well known by virtually all. That process has already started.

    5. Nationalists parties will threaten the cosy relations between the traditional parties.
    Now none of this would matter if it was happening in peripheral nations, such as Greece, Portugal or even Spain. But when it happens in France, the EU will start to tremble. France not only sets the tone of the EU, but Germany generally follows France in controversial issues ( for obvious reasons). The rest of the EU will simply follow where France and Germany lead. Even the UK will have the necessary political cover.

    Its very important how this is done. Nothing should be done that violates our principles of tolerance. This is important, very important for all kinds of reasons.

  8. I have long believed that the current generation is the most stupid generation to exist in modern times, but thankfully beneath all of this is a passionate fire of rationality. I hope that these young people will be a fresh batch of hope that all is not lost. There will be civil war no doubt, but at least we have a fighting chance.
    As for France, they have always been lovers of liberty. They are often marked down as cowardly, but they are not. They will always fight for their freedom in the end.
    If Germany, Britain and the Netherlands follow suit (Holland has already made enormous strides under the guidance of Geert Wilders), then Western Europe can be saved.
    Eastern Europe is already fighting its own battle and they will do it their own way as they always have done.
    Long live Europe!

  9. The youth may seem like vigilantes now, but as they get a little older, let’s hope the run for office and make peaceful changes, too. Looks like they noticed what has been given away to people who want them dead and they are tired of being demonized for existing. They got tired of the appeasing and pandering of the takers of the previous generation.

  10. This is what I have been expecting, the people of Europe reverting to the people who conquered the world during the colonial period. They are orginizing now and will take over during the coming troubles, the troubles caused by the socialist economic policies of the past Century. The kids like these are the ones who will save Europe and hopefully civilization.

    Joy the situation won’t remain stable long enough for them to mature and go into politics.

  11. France did initiate the European Union’s cooperation with Islam.
    The youth are always the ones who rebel against the status quo to define themselves and push boundaries. They rebelled against religion and family values and ethics and nationalism, but now that those things are fringe, and multiculturalism is the order of the day, the poles have reversed. The new generation wants to rebel against this crap and get their countries back, and with the guidance of elder statesmen like Geert Wilders, they can be harnessed to force the government to take action.
    Every European country should have a vast majority of its own ethnic group that never comes under threat. Any immigration must be limited, and only from COMPATIBLE CULTURES! This is the Japanese way, and Europe should emulate it, for its own preservation.

  12. It occurred to me while listening to the video that European leaders are using the same forced mixed race policies that Stalin and Tito forced on their nations.

  13. Do not, for one second, put it past a hard core of the leftists in power to call upon foreign troops to do that which their own will not. Europeans have largely been disarmed, is my understanding…if that’s so, they will need sheer numbers in the tens of millions, in several nations, to succeed before this ends.

  14. According to Herodotus the Medes and Persian leaders didn’t care if vassal states were warring amongst themselves since it meant the groups were too divided to unite against their ultimate rulers. So import groups of peoples whether Muslims, or Mexicans in the U.S., who refuse to integrate and guess what? Society will remain so fractured no one will be able to unite against the government oppressing them.

  15. Also, I had noted that Moslems immigrants tend to create disharmony and caused hatred for Western European leaders because Moslems would only settle for an (unfair) Moslem leader, that would create more divisiveness, more problems, more disorderly governance and more discriminatory policies against us nonbelievers.

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