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14 Replies to “Now here is a movie I will walk to with bare feet to hand out flyers if it is remotely as good as it looks from this”

  1. Will the Politically Correct allow this film to be shown? I hope I can view it when it is available. it does look like a winner from the little we saw. I’m sure the Muslims won’t be happy with a movie that portrays them as savages which of course they really are.

  2. Rumour has it that there will be an English translation coming out soon as well. I did the titles for the trailer and the translation was by Green Infidel and it was organized by Gates of Vienna.

  3. The war is not so much about protecting Europe, but more about destroying Islam in its “homeland”(scare quotes because Arabs weren’t always muslims either). Islam will have to be destroyed in its “homeland” by a new religion.

  4. Arabic culture is mostly orientalistic in nature. Arab culture like other asian oriental cultures is extremely exploitive and dangerous too, but it became even more dangerous and more exploitive when it combine their arabic culture with their islamic faith. Therefore, Europe should avoid embracing Arabic or other oriental cultures, in order to be stronger to fignt against any evil invaders.

  5. I sure hope they drive this point home:
    “On September 11, 1683, three hundred thousand warriors hailing from every corner of
    the Empire are laying siege to Vienna.”

  6. This is why I have no problem with polish immigrants in the UK,unlike others. We will likely be needing them, just like in WWII.

  7. If the US theaters won’t show the film a direct to dvd release is going to make them a lot of money and let people see the truth.

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