Problems with comments and site ops.

Dear readers:

As some of you have observed, there has been forged comments placed on the site, presumably to give a false-flag data point to force the site down or otherwise defame this effort. We are, as all should be aware, a classically liberal website with a very Jeffersonian view of individual liberty and notions of limited government and freedom from tyranny, be it religious or elected. In that spirit I would prefer to allow all people to say anything they want in comments. But advocating murder, individual or mass cannot be tolerated. I recognize however that these comments are typically from people dishonestly representing themselves.

I have from time to time tried to solve problems of false registrants with various plug-ins and so on that eliminate ‘bots’ from registering and spamming the site or making comments. The best one I have found so far is Sweet Captcha but it tends to work for a while then create false negatives.

I am doing my best to correct these issues. And thank you for the emails I have received that have explained what is and is not working correctly. This has allowed me to at least do something about the issue as they arise.

Any advice gratefully accepted.

Also, I would like to take this opportunity to do something I pretty much never do.

I would like to solicit any small donations that people feel they might be able to afford to help the running of this site.

Because of various attempts to hack and otherwise destroy this site by people opposed to resistance to the leftist-Islamic convergence, I have had to upgrade security and incur subsequent hosting costs that amount to a fair amount over time. This is of course, my problem and not yours. But if you feel like you could spare $5.00 or $10.00 please consider doing so. It would really help. Just hit the donate button at the top if you are at all able and no worries if you cannot. These are interesting times as the Chinese curse has it so it is well understood that few can spare cash these days that is not fully disposable.

In any case, I would like to thank all of you for the tips, hard work, translations and dedication so many people give to add value to this site. SDMATT, Martin, Don L, Michael Laudahn, Hermes, EDL Buck and many many more who spend a large amount of their time ringing the alarm bell and dedicating themselves to helping the genuinely sleeping to wake up in time to preserve their culture, history and liberty.

Thank you for your readership


Eeyore for Vlad.


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  1. As people are now beginning to wake up more and more of them are looking elsewhere than the outdated, lukewarm MSM for their daily news. So sites like yours are a God send for anyone interested in politics! Your work is much appreciated and a big thank you from this side. The hackers are a problem on all sides. Forget about a popular daily blog even being anonymous or a non entity offers no security anymore!

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