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4 Replies to “Pat Cadell: Media bias, so serious we may lose our democracy”

  1. That was a fiery and truthful presentation. It certainly scared hell out of me and if it didn’t scare you, there’s something wrong. Pass this around to as many people as you can.

    It seems there are a great many people both in government, media and other high places who need to be tried and hanged for treason.

  2. The next election and the actions of the next administration (assuming Obama isn’t re-elected) will determine if we still have a constitution and the rule of law. If Obama is re-elected that will be our last election for a long time, if he isn’t and the next administration doesn’t arrest and try him and other high ranking members of his administration we will no longer have the rule of law and our constitution will mean nothing.

  3. Richard:

    The Clintons were a gang of thugs that came from the most corrupted state in the Union. They have a very long list of very strange death’s associated with them.

    One guy forgot his name shot himself twice in he back of his head. Suzanne Coleman had an affair with Clinton and was pregnant she shot her self in the back of the head. Vince Foster who was left handed shot himself twice in the mouth using his right hand.

    When bush took office he cleared the Clintons of all crimes in order pass his first budget

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