Moderate Muslims Of Calgary: “How to Make Your Wife Happy?” BEAT HER!

I believe this is the third post on the Islamic position on beating ones wives I have done today, each on a different location. This might indicate, to the careful observer, that the fact that all these leaders are Islamic is of more importance than if they happen to be in Egypt or Canada or wherever.

It just might be.

From Blazing Cat fur:

Reader WallyJ sent this in direct from The Muslims Of Calgary website, in a section entitled “How To Make Your Wife Happy?”  moderate Muslims are encouraged to beat their wives…but only moderately.

Patience and Mildness

– Problems are expected in every marriage so this is normal. What is wrong is excessive responses and magnifying problems until a marital breakdown.
– Anger should be shown when she exceeds the boundaries of Allah SWT, by delaying prayers, backbiting, watching prohibited scenes on TV, etc..
– Forgive the mistakes she does to you.

Correcting her Mistakes

– First, implicit and explicit advice several times.
– Then by turning your back to her in bed (displaying your feelings). Note that this does not include leaving the bedroom to another room, leaving the house to another place, or not talking with her.
– The last solution is lightly hitting (when allowable) her. In this case, the husband should consider the following:

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