George Igler on Ezra Levant. A near perfect dissertation on Freedom of Speech

The only thing missing in my humble opinion is the element of selective enforcement. The thing that always turns speech and thought crimes into totalitarianism is that they are selectively enforced to the advantage of one group over the rest. Otherwise they would be simply horrible but not repressive in the way they always turn out to be. For what can be worse than being jailed, destroyed financially or through medieval public humiliation as the US government now indulges in for saying or advocating a thing while others who are your stated enemies get to do it all they want and get funded with your tax dollars for it while you are forced to silence at best.

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3 Replies to “George Igler on Ezra Levant. A near perfect dissertation on Freedom of Speech”

  1. Wow I thought I was the only one that caught this.

    Or is Ezra reading your blog?
    George Igler makes great points but I think it is important to point out the Slander is defamation of character and all non-mulisms do not believe in the prophet Mohammad and to make that statement is the defamation of character or slander

  2. You’re right. Igler’s three signs of free speech erosion was particularly insightful: abandoning truth for sensitivity, inverting the free speech incitement exception and information-restricting media preoccupied with motive. I like your selective enforcement addition too.

    Thanks! 🙂


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