‘Expect to be shot if you burgle gun owners’, judge warns criminals

Reason prevails so rarely these days that I wonder if this judge will get to sit on the bench by years end.

The Telegraph:

 A judge has defended the rights of people to protect their homes, telling two burglars shot during a break-in: “That is the chance you take.”

Burglars 'took the chance' when they broke into shotgun-holder's home: judge
Joshua O’Gorman (left) and Daniel Mansell who were both jailed for four years Photo: PA

By Martin Evans, Crime Correspondent, and Sam Marsden

9:30PM BST 26 Sep 2012

Joshua O’Gorman and Daniel Mansell were blasted with a legally-held shotgun after they smashed their way into the isolated rural home of a businessman, Andy Ferrie, and his wife Tracey last month.

The two men, who have a string of convictions between them, were arrested when they arrived at hospital seeking treatment for their injuries. Mr and Mrs Ferrie were also arrested and questioned for more than 40 hours on suspicion of causing grievous bodily harm. They were later released without charge.

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6 Replies to “‘Expect to be shot if you burgle gun owners’, judge warns criminals”

  1. A step in the right direction, or will they excuse muslims? I am thinking Conservative ideology gets hoisted with its own petard, like in America, where some inmates are far more likely to be raped, and I don’t mean sex offenders.

  2. You mean a person can still legally own a shotgun in the UK? Frankly, I don’t know what is more amazing, a lawful UK shotgun owner, or a British magistrate with common sense and wisdom, who actually believes in a person’s natural right to defend life, limb, and property. I really thought common sense was dead among the UK’s elites. Still, it is too bad the British, (and Canadians too), have no equivalent to the 2nd Amendment of the US Constitution. At any rate, with their long rap sheets, the sentance these perps received from the Queen’s magistrate was far too lenient IMO. Sorry, I couldn’t let the judge off that easy, lol.

    “Keep your powder dry”

  3. The DT is not allowing comments on this article. Clearly they do not want the law abiding public, you know, the ones who pay the salaries and pensions of judges, police, and the government, to be heard.

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