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6 Replies to “Brian Lilley & Michael Coren: Blasphemy double standard”

  1. Michael’s right it is about islamic domination, And this “protest” is a very clear indicator that they are not willing to assimilate & accept Canadian values & culture. Therefore all muslim immigration must be stopped and any that don’t either apostate or completely assimilate should be deported.

  2. “Therefore all muslim immigration must be stopped and any that don’t either apostate or completely assimilate should be deported.”

    I think there are lots more people in western countries who have come to this conclusion WPF, people who would normally be very tolerant.

    I always thought the Muslims would react too soon and, to a degree, this is proof. They (the Muslims) are not yet strong enough to have a major impact on any western country – with the exception of France perhaps – and eventually our collective governments will have to take the action necessary to bring this matter to conclusion.

    As Enoch Powell predicted, each successive government will ignore it until it can no longer be ignored. We are now swiftly reaching that point.

  3. Egypt was a Christian country till it was invaded by Muslims. Now they are a mere 10% of the population. Ditto Turkey, Syria, Lebanon, Iraq.
    Anyway. Islam is in its dying throes. So cheer up. We are going to win, as there is no way Islam can win. Muslims will convert to Christianity or leave the West. Islam is weak. Its inherent weakness can be illustrated so – ,if we made a law that required Muslims to convert to Christianity or leave the West, 90% will do so. Of course many of these will false conversions, so we will have to setup an Inquisition. And that wont be nice. So another way has to be found to force Muslims into a similar quandary. We are doing fine. We are seeing the results of that very pressure on Muslims in a quandary.
    In the fullness of time Islam will be dead globally, and the Muslim countries will once more be Christian.

  4. Once they became Moslems, it would be difficult to trust them even if they change their religion to Christianity. Let them be whatever they want, as long as they stay put in their own horrible predominantly islamic countries and as long as they leave us nonbelievers and the West alone, with our western freedom intact.

  5. How many times must it be said: “Islam is not compatible with Democracies”.
    Anyone in Canada who understands that would not tolerate immigration from any Islamic countries.

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