Pakistan to move UN, OIC for anti-blasphemy laws

Daily Times Pakistan:

PM says government will fight on all diplomatic fronts to stop evil forces in world from all kinds of anti-Islam actions

KARACHI: Prime Minister Raja Pervez Ashraf on Saturday announced that the government would fight on all diplomatic fronts to stop the evil forces in the world from all kinds of anti-Islam actions like the recent blasphemous film.

Raja was addressing a ceremony at the Chief Minister’s House for distributing cheques among the heirs of the deceased and the injured of the factory fire incident in Baldia Town.

The prime minister reiterated his demand from United Nations and other international organisations to come up with an effective legislation against all kinds of anti-Islam acts which harm the co-existence and harmony among the followers of different religions.

“We would go to the UN and OIC and get a law passed to stop anti-Islam activities, including blasphemy, for-ever,” he added. The prime minister said the Muslims have respect and reverence for all prophets and messengers of God and also other religions in the world. The Muslims expect that followers of other religions would reciprocate in the same way, he added. It was time to wage a diplomatic war with full sincerity and commitment until the international community is convinced to take concrete action including due legislation against all kinds of anti-Islam activities that provoke the sentiments of the Muslim world, Raja said.

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7 Replies to “Pakistan to move UN, OIC for anti-blasphemy laws”

  1. How is that news? Does anybody give a rats fart what happens in any shithole down in the goat belt? Who is this cunt Perverz? Does any shite that dribbles out of him affect me or my life in any way?

  2. Islam is done for. What we are witnessing are the dying throes of an ideology that is unfit for the 21st century. Far from empowering Islam, 9/11 has been a total disaster for it.

  3. Goat Fucker:

    Yes. The OIC is the single largest voting block in the UN. The anti-blasphemy laws they have arranged to be passed will have consequences to all, and already are in the US. Govt. humiliation and shaming of Rev. Jones for example, alone is unprecedented. That the president of the US, Sec state, and chairman of the joint chiefs of staff would name a private citizen by name in the media and shame him for exorcising his first amendment rights is a pretty solid sign that it is effecting you already.

  4. They always say they want to protect all Religions. Yet its only Muslims that keep killing Christians and Jews and Hindus. There is hate Speech now in parts of Europe and the only ones arrested for violating it are non Muslims. Muslims can carry signs calling for the death of Jews and Americans, but dare you carry a sign calling for the murder of Muslims. That might get you locked up for a long time.

  5. Is Pakistan hypocritical? Nukes, but no abortion. It was a Pakistani woman in Saudi-Arabia who said having/using nukes and opposing abortion is hypocritical. Hell is eternal.

  6. foxmuldar,
    It is ridiculous that moslems hate speech had been tolerated but our nonbelievers hate speech had not been given the slight toleration by moslems.Those moslems even dare to march around openly and freely with their hate banners. While most of us nonbelievers who are mostly moderates who got told off whenever we nonbelievers voiced even abit of disliked of moslems.
    While we nonbelievers women hardly get any sympathy, while their moslems women got so much undeserved sympathy or rather their socalled weaker gender knows how to manipulate using their Islam to unfairly enrich themselves.

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