Why Islam Does Not Belong in the Western World

If western civilization survives with most of its values, and if we have the wherewithal to honour those whose vision and courage helped bring about the defeat of the totalitarian extreme-conservative Islam which would see us live in a new version of an old dark age, then Fjordman should be one of the first few statues that are built to honour our saviors.

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Gates of Vienna:

By Fjordman:

“Islamic aggression is caused by Islamic teachings.”

Why Islam Does Not Belong in the Western World
by Fjordman

Many observers in the press thought that I would disappear as a writer after I stepped forward with my real name during the Breivik case.

They were wrong.

I will continue using Fjordman as a pen name, but I have no intention of changing my views as Peder Jensen, either. I started out writing about Islam. I later diversified to include other subjects, too, since there are many things wrong with the modern West, but I do not regret what I have written about Islam previously. I told the truth then, and will continue to do so in the future.

The fact is that the much-vilified Islam-critics and so-called “Islamophobes” have been entirely correct in their comments and analyses for years. Political leaders and media commentators throughout the Western world keep telling us that Islam is at heart a peaceful religion which is being abused by “extremists” and that continued Muslim immigration to our countries is good and should continue. They are not telling the truth.

Yes, mass immigration can be a problem by itself, also of non-Muslims, but Islam is a uniquely aggressive and violent creed. No other major, established religion on this planet stipulates the death penalty for criticizing or mocking its founder and its teachings. Traditional Islamic law does. That’s why no other religious community on Earth behaves the way Muslims are doing globally this September, attacking Western embassies in multiple countries over a single, somewhat amateurish movie most people had never even heard of. Attacking embassies can easily be seen as an act of war. The people and groups doing this have already declared war on us and our societies, whether we like this or not.

Needless to say, movies, cartoons, novels and other objects merely constitute convenient pretexts as targets for the eternal Muslim rage and aggression against the rest of humanity. What these riots and threats are really about is imposing dhimmitude on the West, as Bat Ye’or has prophetically warned. Muslim leaders — from the Prime Minister of NATO member Turkey, via the Western-backed Muslim Brotherhood President of Egypt, to the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC), the largest voting bloc at the United Nations — are pushing for national and international laws or speech codes banning any criticism of Islam, its founder and its teachings. Although Western mass media virtually never explain this to their audiences, this would essentially imply submission to Islamic law and Islamic rule.

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5 Replies to “Why Islam Does Not Belong in the Western World”

  1. “We cannot continue as we are today, or our freedoms will slowly be eroded and our societies gradually destroyed. We need to halt Muslim immigration to all Western countries on a permanent basis.”

    This is yet another excellent article by Fjordman. Now how do we get the government to pay attention? How do we motivate people to write to their MP’s en masse?How do we get the severity of the situation across to those who drag their feet or have been indoctrinated by the left? How do we get Canadians to stand together as a group the same way muslims do? In short, how do we make people care that their freedoms are being destroyed? How do we get these idiots to throw off the yokes of political correctness and the myth of multiculturalism? What the hell will wake them up?

  2. @WhenPigsFly. Wondering the same thing. We need to organize, as a first step. The Muslims are very organized. Yet organizing seems to create a furious backlash (I’m thinking EDL).

  3. Study the history of revolutions, the percentage of population that is needed to successfully carry out a revolution is between 25% and 33% depending on who you are reading. Peaceful revolutions take more but not many when they are in a Representative Republic, our form of government doesn’t require everyone to vote so you can count on at least 33% to 50% of the voters to stay home on election day. The TEA Party is working hard to bring about a peaceful revolution, they take time, often more time then a violent revolution. The big question is how much time do we have?

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