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3 Replies to “SUN TV Analyst, Aurel Braun, on days of rage”

  1. Aurel Braun on Islam: “I think we should respect all religions”

    Burel Araun on Communism: “I think we should respect all societies”

    Islam, the enforcement of submission, is not a religion as Communism, the enforcement of slavery, is not a society. .

  2. The weak point in Braun’s argument is continuing with the moral equivalence fantasy that all religions are the same. Islam is far more political than religeous and should not have the same blanket legal protections extended to it. There has GOT to be an attorney with enough courage and logic who can argue a case that ‘Islam-not-a-religion’ to our Supreme Court so that Americans can finally address the threatening challenges of Islam legally. Pandering to this militant mislabled-faith is going to get people, “those-who-submit” as well as “those-who-refuse-to-submit” maimed and killed.

  3. There is a crucial distinction between respecting a person’s objective right to freedom of thought and expression and respecting the content of a person’s thought and expression. It is one thing to respect a person’s right to hold and express religious beliefs, but quite another to respect religious beliefs per se: the former reduces to respecting a person’s right to be irrational; the latter, to respecting irrationality. Religion: the subordination of reality to imagination.

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