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10 Replies to “Muslims do what they do best in Amsterdam”

  1. “All I can say about this one is, somewhere in Holland, there is one very lonely organ grinder”

    Ha, ha, ha , that one made me laugh out loud.

  2. If that guy had been born and raised by a Christian family in the U.S.A.
    he’d have an entirely different personality and character.
    The Muslim men are programmed in babyhood to behave like this.

  3. @Fred

    So, like some people are deficient in genes, you witness personality and cognitive traits in families and ultimately societies that made them weak and prone to hypnotic suggestibility?
    That behavioral traits can be breed out of human beings just by eliminating all dissent and rewarding the slave so that their populations become dhimmis and children of dhimmis ‘weak befoe the strong and strong before the weak’?

    Who would have thought two world wars would have left only the spineless behind.

  4. perfectchild

    They might be hiding somewhere out of sight, but the european public space, since a couple of decades now, is conspicuously lacking in uncompromising, self-confident males. What one does see are boys, fourth world citizens, alcohol dependents, and a lot of eunuchs who nurture the illusion of manhood. So, unless the caucasian european male has been recruited in massive numbers by security forces, the army, the police, secret intelligent services and the likes, you must be right on the money.

  5. Fred Perfectchild pay attention to the resistance movements that are developing in Europe, the various defense leagues are providing the backbone that will end up saving Europe, granted they are working against the PC notions that have been taught for decades. It is the programing of the left, not the lack of genes of courage that are hampering the Europeans in their fight for freedom.

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