Sharia4Belgium’s number 2 arrested

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Fouad Belkacem alias Aboe Imran- the one in prison

Aboe Haniefa, deputy for Fouad Belkacem at Sharia4Belgium, has been arrested. Antwerp police suppose he was the instigator for the Borgerhout [Antwerp] riots [last saturday].

On the photo’s right-hand side Hicham C, alias Aboe Haniefa

Wednesday morning after a house search, Aboe Haniefa (also identified under his real name, Hicham C) was arrested and presented [to the custodial judge, probably], writes De Standaard. He remained under arrest, suspected for instigating to hatred and violence against non-moslems.

Last weekend’s rioters protested against the american anti-islam film ‘Innocence of Muslims’. Similar protests in the moslem world led to violence and deaths. In Borgerhout, 230 persons were arrested. According to De Standaard, the court deems that there is sufficient evidence to suggest that Hicham C was the organiser of the Borgerhout riots.

This 30-year old moslem is known as the number two for the radical moslem group Sharia4Belgium. Earlier this year, after leader Fouad Belkacem (alias Aboe Imran) had been sent into prison, he posed as the group’s new chairman. On wednesday, an assembly prohibition had been proclaimed for Borgerhout.

Moderate moslem leaders reported that they received threats.



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  1. French man held over Mohammad cartoon revenge plan

    PARIS/MARSEILLE, France (Reuters) – Police detained a young man in southern France on Thursday on suspicion that he was planning a revenge attack on the staff of a satirical magazine which published cartoons mocking the Prophet Mohammad.

    Anti-terrorism magistrates near the Mediterranean port city of Toulon questioned the 18-year-old after he threatened in a message on Facebook to cut the throats of anyone he could find at the offices of Charlie Hebdo, a judicial source said.

    The magazine’s publication of cartoons ridiculing Mohammad added to the anger of Muslims already outraged over an anti-Islam film produced in the United States and posted on the Internet.

    The suspect had no police record but he was already known to security services, the source said, without giving further details.

    “People in the suburbs are very upset over the publication of these cartoons,” said Mohamed Mechmache, head of the ACLEFEU association for urban youths, created in the wake of riots that swept French suburbs in 2005.

    “They feel there is a double standard when it comes to free speech: it’s okay to mock the Prophet, but we can’t protest against it … All it would take for things to spiral out of control is a police check that goes wrong.”

    [Police found 2 butcher knives he bought recently in his apartment ]

    Veiled Marseille woman who bit policewoman now in jail

    In another incident which might exacerbate strains, an 18-year-old young French woman was sentenced to two months in jail for refusing to comply with a police identity check while she was wearing a banned full-face veil in public.

    The woman resisted police when they asked to check her identity in front of a mosque in central Marseille in July, during the holy Muslim fasting period of Ramadan.

    Under a French law from 2010, a person wearing a “burqa” or “niqab” style full-face veil can be stopped by police. If she refuses to remove her veil, she can be fined or sentenced to community service. Repeat offenders face jail.

    In addition to being jailed and receiving a six-month suspended prison sentence, [ NO = it’s a six months sentence but with 4 months suspended = she will spend 2 months in prison ] the veiled woman was ordered to pay damages of 1,000 euros to a female police officer whom she bit during the altercation.

    Two young men who were accompanying the woman were also sentenced to two months’ jail for fighting with police when they tried to carry out the identity check.

  2. Why are they all so fugly? It must be the pubic hair beards. Maybe it’s the nasty energy they emanate wherever they go? Maybe it’s a combination or maybe they’re just outright “possessed” by the demons of their religion of satan? Beats me, anyone have an answer?

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