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7 Replies to “David Horowitz on treatment of the alleged trailer maker of the Moe-movie”

  1. They are not going to stop at “The Innocence of Muslims”. Next they are going to get to work on things like, um, “Vlad Tepes Blog”, aren’t they. That is certainly what I’d do if I were the Muslim Brotherhood. They seem to have won the point about anti-Islam films, next will come the printed word, and Barrack HUSSEIN Obama will be right there to help them along, won’t he – especially with another four years on his reign? And when people like David Horowitz get vocal about it, they’ll just shut him up the way that announcer did on Fox News.

    The US State Department just made it plain that they will “out” anyone who defames Islam, under guise of “questioning”. The film-maker and his family are never going back to that house again, thanks to Obama. This is wild. I wonder if websites like this one, and “The Religion of Peace”, “JihadWatch”, etc will still be here a year from now. Does anyone think for one moment the Muslims don’t know about these sites and don’t have plans to shut them down? There is a very real danger that we may bear personal witness to the end of freedom of speech in the Western World. What Hitler tried to do with the greatest army in the world, the Muslims are going to achieve through lies, trickery, and intimidation. Heck, they might even come and kill me one day… I believe that the fall of Hosni Mubarak and his replacement by the Muslim Brotherhood marks a real turning point in this war we are refusing to fight, and now they are steamrolling right over us.

  2. Chris:
    I already have to pay a premium because my site comes under frequent and sometimes staggeringly large DDOS attacks. It is a great tribute to the company I work with that they continue to support me, and freedom of speech. They already try and shut me down. And they will keep trying and they will change tactics as they are able.

  3. @ “John Press” I would re-think a few things. All mosques should be removed, they are after all field barracks and claims on the land of foreign countries,, we should also completely remove ourselves from the UN, it’s a complete farce, and we should consider the deportation & containment of muslims, they do not belong in the west and will never assimilate. Apostates may stay.

  4. I am disgusted with Meghan’s suggestion @3:22:

    “Some folks may say, look. . .we don’t like free speech that they find so offensive and is illegal in other countries”.

    WTF? What is illegal in other countries is their problem. Why in the hell would she even consider such a threatening option? She of all the journalists at Fox should know better.

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