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2 Replies to “Tomorrow belongs to ?”

  1. That’s a great job Eeyore and although I completely understand why you chose that beautiful song, written by a Jew, I hate to see it bastardized for use for Nazis as it was in the movie and use for mustards as it is here. But I do get your point. Let’s take back the song and remember, tomorrow belongs to us NOT them.

  2. Don[‘t forget the result of the Nazi’s thinking that tomorrow belonged to them, the west eventually woke up and destroyed them. Prior to the beginning of WWII there were massive numbers of Nazis and Nazi sympathizers in all western nations. Looking back it seems inevitable that the free nations would win WWII, at the time who would be the winner was in doubt, in fact Hitler made several mistakes that cost him the war. I can think of 4 of them without trying and there were many more. If he had not made just 1 of them Germany would have won the war.

    This war is the same, we have to continue to fight even when it looks hopeless because we can win the war, but only if we fight.

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