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4 Replies to “I do not think this can be said much better than it is here.”

  1. It’s true, most Westerners are happiest with their heads in the sand or more rightly up their asses until it’s too late. I don’t if it has to do with our Christian “turn the other cheek” upbringing or if we’re just lazy cowards who are afraid of confrontation. What I do know, is that those who have not had to fight to obtain their freedoms take them for granted. And hear this, when your freedoms are gone, they’re gone for good so everyone had better decide which side they’re on now before the decision is made for them( by traitors & idiots).

  2. When I was a kid everybody was in agreement about the importance of free speech, but now it’s become a sort of right-wing Republican Ronald Reagany kind of thing to a lot of people. Times change. Nowadays, a great many people of the left are perfectly OK with the idea of free speech being limited, especially in the case of people who don’t agree with them or when it could cause trouble or inconvenience. I don’t know what to say. If the people of the West are happy to give up their freedom, what can I do about that except say my little piece? I’m not going to start planting bombs over it. Maybe freedom is going to go the way of smoking and there is nothing we can do about it.

  3. I hope Americans do defend free speech and show the video on national TV. Major newspapers should also publish the Hebdo cartoons.

    Will they, or will they leave it as in the past, to the cheese eating surrender monkeys?

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