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28 Replies to “British women explain what it is like to have muslims prepare their daughters for future rape”

  1. This video is something you never see these days, truth in journalism. It is a sad state of affairs when immigrants and their progeny take over areas of a country and bend it and the rightful inhabitants to their will through intimidation & bulllying.

    Did you see how fast they gathered to protect their hive? They’re just like wasps, if one perceives an attack it sends out a signal for other wasps to come to it’s aid. They’re actually probably more like vicious pack animals. I am appalled by the aura of hatred that accompanies them wherever they go, the arrogance, and the attempts at bullying. It is the disgusting behavior of savages, savages who are nothing more than indoctrinated cult members.

    This is what our governments are importing into our countries. It’s like oil & water, it will never work. They won’t ever change and hopefully most of us won’t submit. We are setting ourselves up for an eventual civil war for control of our own country.

    Every time you see a hijab or a niqab or a burqa or a riot or a mosque, remember this video and ask yourself if you are willing to spend the rest of your life as a second class citizen, living in fear in your own country.

    In the meantime get up off your asses and write to your politicians and the group of MP’s responsible for immigration and demand a stop to this, It will take many of us to remind them that they have a duty to allow only those people who are good for the country into it.

    Go here for the contact info:


  2. What was with all the “censored in UK and Europe”? Can you find an uncensored version?

    This is the umpteenth video I’ve seen of random people being attacked by muslims just for standing in or walking thru a muslim neighborhood.

    There is an amateur “superhero” group who goes around new york with flamboyantly gay decoys to flush out fag bashers. What they do once they’ve been flushed out, that I don’t know.

  3. The indigenous people are not British..there ENGLISH (Anglo-Saxon)….Some British people are English. Many are not. Most British people speak (British) English, though many only speak it as a second language.

  4. The ordinary brits are starting to organize, they are having trouble because their government is more afraid of them then of the immigrants.

  5. Luckily the power balance between Iran and Saudi-Arabia becomes more even:

    This means only conversion of Saudi-Arabia and Iran to another religion, preferably mine.

    Tensions between Pakistan and Saudi-Arabia are also rising. A Pakistani cleric has declared Saudi men to be wusses because they let their women get educated.

    How do Pakistanis treat women who are neither muslim nor indigenous?

    It is obvious that Pakistani men are worse than Pakistani women. Why does everybody insist on treating them the same?

  6. The videos a parody…it’s an American comedan along the lines of Ali G, and because he’s in Burney people are falling for it….Check out his Interview with Tommy Robinson on the YouTube channel conected to the vid….And his other efforts.

  7. No. It is exceptionally unfunny if it is a parody. Also, this actually does happen all over the world now in Islamic areas. So if it is a parody, and I see no sign that it is, (A woman talking about how her daughters are being groomed for rape is not your usual fare for comedy) it serves to illustrate a real problem. I would like some evidence that this is a parody please. Links?

  8. Why didn’t the woman, when she got the phonecall, say to the other two that they should leave the area? She didn’t tell them anything; she just walked away, leaving them to face the music. This doesn’t seem right.

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