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One Reply to “Harsh attack in Afghanistan”

  1. That should teach the South Africans something about letting low life* idiot* cheezy*Copts make film trailers in America while Islam cries……..or something, it doesn’t really matter anymore does it? America sits like a pithed frog in the face of halal wizardry. If I was a Muslim, I’d be kicking its ass and poking sticks in it’s eyes too if I expected America to continue rolling over til it looks like continuous rotation. This may be a mistake on Islams part, especially if they set some operative in the US itself. But maybe it is just a large dhimmie fire drill to asses the state of the frightened so that grander hijinks may ensue. We may never know.

    * it is mandatory fashion that all critics of Islam be assigned derogatory descriptors to minimize sympathy and evoke disdain for wave making Pedophilophobes.

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