The truth about Muhammad and Aisha

Now why would the guardian run a story now trying to change the understanding that aisha was 19 years old when the vast majority of muslims believe that when was 9 years old when mohamed raped her. You will see they are running a poll on the FB app to see who agrees with this garbage, currently that shows that 173 readers agree that she was 19, 17 disagree, this is a total contradiction of how the vast majority of muslims understand islam. But funnily enough there won’t be any protests outside any embassies over this. Saudi Arabia and Iran, the 2 homes of the sections of islam both allow paedophilia as proscribed by Mohamed.

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The truth about Muhammad and Aisha | Myriam François-Cerrah

'The Qur’an says that marriage is valid only between consenting adults, and that a woman has the right to choose her own spouse.' Photograph: Shah Marai/AFP/Getty Images‘The Qur’an says that marriage is valid only between consenting adults, and that a woman has the right to choose her own spouse.’ Photograph: Shah Marai/AFP/Getty Images

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Monday 17 September 2012

Innocence of Muslims repeated the claim Muhammad was a paedophile, but the story is more complex and interesting than that

Writing about Muhammad, the prophet of Islam, the Orientalist scholar W Montgomery Watt wrote: “Of all the world’s great men, none has been so much maligned as Muhammad.” His quote seems all the more poignant in light of the Islamophobic film Innocence of Muslims, which has sparked riots from Yemen to Libya and which, among other slanders, depicts Muhammad as a paedophile.

This claim is a recurring one among critics of Islam, so its foundation deserves close scrutiny.

Critics allege that Aisha was just six years old when she was betrothed to Muhammad, himself in his 50s, and only nine when the marriage was consummated. They base this on a saying attributed to Aisha herself (Sahih Bukhari volume 5, book 58, number 234), and the debate on this issue is further complicated by the fact that some Muslims believe this to be a historically accurate account. Although most Muslims would not consider marrying off their nine-year-old daughters, those who accept this saying argue that since the Qur’an states that marriage is void unless entered into by consenting adults, Aisha must have entered puberty early.

They point out that, in seventh-century Arabia, adulthood was defined as the onset of puberty. (This much is true, and was also the case in Europe: five centuries after Muhammad’s marriage to Aisha, 33-year-old King John of England married 12-year-old Isabella of Angoulême.) Interestingly, of the many criticisms of Muhammad made at the time by his opponents, none focused on Aisha’s age at marriage.

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Those who manipulate her story to justify the abuse of young girls, and those who manipulate it in order to depict Islam as a religion that legitimises such abuse have more in common than they think. Both demonstrate a disregard for what we know about the times in which Muhammad lived, and for the affirmation of female autonomy which her story illustrates.

• This article was amended on 17 September 2012. It originally stated that King John was 44 when he married Isabella of Angoulême. This has been corrected.

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7 Replies to “The truth about Muhammad and Aisha”

  1. Looks like the willing collaborators are trying to clean up the history to try and silence the critics, they know the leftists will use this as proof that everyone who calls Mohammad a pedophile is a racist islamiphobe and attack them.

  2. Take heart folks.
    Go to the actual article and look at some of the comments. Although there are some people agreeing with the Guardian and coming out with the usual Leftist claptrap (e.g. slagging off Christianity and so on..), there is roughly the same amount who are declaring their personal fear of Islam, or who are criticising Islam, and disagreeing with the Leftist view of Mohammed as some sort of saint.
    It looks as if even some of the Leftists are beginning to see the truth. The Guardian is beginning to look like the shambles that it is, an out-of-date, politically correct, didactic of Marxist garbage.
    In the end, ordinary people are beginning to voice their true opinions!
    Maybe, just maybe, there is hope after all.

  3. The Garbage is a more apt name for the Guardian. Guardian of what? The truth? Don’t make me laugh. More accurate to say, the Guardian of islam’s dark, evil, sordid secrets.

    It is what it is. Aisha was 9 when muhammad raped and victimised her, and no amount of post-modern leftist pseudo-scholarship, or absurd muslim theories of 7th Century Arabian girls reaching puberty at earlier ages (which is tailor made for Western consumption) will ever change that fact. But I suppose leftists aren’t too troubled by the notion of muslim pedophillia. They’re only a stone’s throw away from openly sexualising children anyhow. The very next crusade by the left, legalising pedophillia.

    Stay tuned folks, its comming.

  4. Surely the point isn’t what historical figures did. The point is that no one in the West is holding up the examples of dead monarchs as an example of how to live your life. We in the West have moved on from that.
    The disturbing fact is that Muslims are taught that Mohammed is the perfect example of behaviour, still today, and should be emulated and can do no wrong.
    Imagine if I opened a school and started teaching kids that King John was the perfect example of behaviour and his example should be followed for all time. Being a white guy I’m pretty sure the Guardian wouldn’t be writing any article in favour of my position.
    But as we are seeing at the moment Muslims don’t only want to sleep with children, they can’t stop acting like children. There might be some sort of dark correlation there, do you suppose?

  5. randy63ism, what do you mean raped and victimised. If you read any historical books and not what the media feeds you, you will know that back then it was normal for girls to get married at a young age and that she chose to marry and no one forced her to do so.
    you don’t see any muslims marrying doing so these days, do you.

    You just keeping proving the poing that the media is brainwashing people with all this junk.
    I suggest you pick up a book a read and when I mean read, read a book published by someone not an anti-muslim.

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