Some worthy links and news

1. Blazing Catfur has an interesting post on art classes in a Muslim school in Toronto

2. Woman takes bionic exoskeleton home that allows her to walk despite being paralyzed from chest down. (I wonder where this technology came from?)

3. Greek Police: “We are sitting on a time bomb”

4. Danish minister takes a stand against anti-blasphemy laws.

5. 91 year old grandmother savagely beaten for her purse. UK Police seek person of interest.

6. Mosque teacher who tortured students gets of light for some Islamic reason. “Judge Robert Altham said Patel had an “outdated understanding of what discipline is”.

7. Iran holds third Islamic ‘resistance’ festival

8. Egypt: Ministers want new blasphemy laws. 

9. Christians must choose between job and faith. EU

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  1. I didn’t read it in the article but Japan is working on the exoskeletons as well.

    It isn’t just Europe, the entire world is setting on a time bomb.

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