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18 Replies to “Bill Warner. Why We Are Afraid, A 1400 Year Secret, by Dr Bill Warner”

  1. For all of my life, I instinctively felt there was crucial information missing from the history lessons we were given, and over the more recent years, I began to develop an understanding of what that might have been. What is expounded in this video probably nails it.

  2. Wow – excellent video, just excellent.

    Maybe it is time European countries reassert a broadly Christian state-church and ban the practice of Islam across Europe.

  3. He feels comfortable enough to mention the stake the Jews had in the slave trades and the Venetians – that makes him intellectually honest.

  4. The left has suppressed the history of the west, they can’t create their “utopia” if we know history and the number of times people have tried to create utopia and failed.

  5. excellent video and downloaded it to keep

    One thing that puzzles me about this. Why does he say he only got this information from ‘books’ much of this information is only on the net.

    Such as the 19K attacks since 9/11 and so on


    The left is practicing the same style of suppression of information as Catholic Church did in the middle ages. The church would not hear information that the world revolves around the sun, today nearly the same thing is happening with global warming in the middle of the quaternary Ice age and the world CO2 levels are destroying the planet when in reality it is nearly the lowest levels in Earth’s history

    Sooner or latter it will have to backfire on them. The real question is how do people that know these facts ignore them? Back in the middle ages the Church didn’t have all the facts so it was more easily dismissed but today there is no excuse.

  6. It is backfiring right now, fewer and fewer are believing in Global Warming, also multiculturalism is a left wing idea and people are turning against it, everyone one of them will never vote for the left again.

  7. We are at war with Islam. All should watch this. A very comprehensive wrap on 1400 years of never ending Jihad. The shocking truth about the religion started by that little murdering, slave running paedophile Munhammad.

    Mind you not allo news to me. I told people back in 2001 that the Yanks or even the British Empire were to blame, stating that this problem had existed centuries before England even became a country – – ie 7th C. People have chosen to ignore it.

    Bill is right on the money.

  8. Islam is also a big problem in asia, even though other religions and other asians in asia are also very greedy, deceptive and unreliable. It used to be less problematic, before the West helped all those backward asian countries to develop. After they(those asian islamic and asian-nonislamic countries) got more assistance and wealth from the West, they became more nastily arrogant and more selfish. I noted how moslems ruined their own countries and other people countries, with their islamic agenda, whenever they governed or lead. I think western countries should reduced the size of their governments and therefore will be able to prevent any pro-islamic or islamic infiltrators.

  9. They used lawfare to prevent this stuff being made more public.

    In a Disinformation book one chapter was by a guy who was writing a book about all imperialistic empires. One chapter was about the islamic empire. Someone at the publishing company was spying for a Saudi Prince and got him info on the book before it was publicly known. The saudi threatened to sue the publisher.

    That’s partially why this stuff has been forgotten.

    Also we tend to focus on American subjects and recent history and don’t focus on the Classical World, The Dark Ages, Renaissance etc. in standard history education. That stuff is studied at college level.

  10. @OxAO, you seem so informed, so maybe you can explain for me just why the universities in Christendom, funded and supported by the Catholic Church, were teaching the THEORIES of Copernicus and Galileo before, during and after the Galileo affair and this, to you, is the Catholic Church suppressing the THEORY. You see, OxAO, Galileo couldn’t prove his THEORY, scientifically – small matter of the solar paralax couldn’t be explained with the technology available at the time. Yet, Galileo insisted on teaching his THEORY as FACT. Of course, some of his other FACTS proved ridiculously wrong just as this THEORY eventually was able to be proven scientifically.

    Of course, it could be that you, OxAO, have been taught lies masquerading as FACT to perpetrate propaganda against the Catholic Church by the perpetually protesting and their spawn, the enlightened fiddlers of private parts.

    While I am at it – the reluctance to fund the Christopher Columbus exploration wasn’t because they thought the earth was flat – no one thought that at all and hadn’t even before the time of Christ – it was because they didn’t know how far the nearest land fall was and thought they’d run out of food and water before they reach landfall and re-supply. Economic actually, thought it was throwing money into the ocean. Another little perpetually protesting and enlightened fiddlers of private parts propaganda piece that’s been taught to us as FACT.

    Bill Warner, as usual is spot on.

  11. Very good Chrisse, the way I heard it was that they said Columbus would run out of food and water about half way across, he did but he also found an island to resupply and found North America. Which according to some evidence had been visited many times, prior to Columbus. the others just didn’t broadcast what they had found because they had an economic interest in keeping the find secret.

  12. I instictively knew there was much history missing or just wrong. Bill does a GREAT job in filling in the blanks. What I personally need to pursue is how the Chinese were able to resist so successfully.

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