Five arrested over abduction and sexual assault of teenage girls

This is becoming so common that I have to check the time as well as the date to make sure its not already covered.

No point in checking the names of course.


Four men and a teenage boy have been arrested in Leicester on suspicion of child abduction and sexual assault.

It is alleged one 15-year-old and three 14-year-old girls were abducted and sexually assaulted in four separate incidents in July.

Police said the four girls from Newark, Nottinghamshire, were taken to Leicestershire and assaulted.

The men, aged 18, 20 and 23, and a 17-year-old boy, are being interviewed by detectives in Nottingham.

All of them were arrested on suspicion of child abduction, while two of them were also arrested on suspicion of serious sexual assault, a police spokesman said.

Nottinghamshire and Leicestershire police jointly investigated the case.

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9 Replies to “Five arrested over abduction and sexual assault of teenage girls”

  1. “Richard says:
    September 6, 2012 at 9:35 pm

    The police aren’t there to protect anyone, they are their to clean up the mess after the crime has been committed.”

    Well that isn’t quite true, they are there to protect Muslims and arrest indigenous whites who threaten said Muslims. It is safer that way.

  2. They’re described as “men” – ’nuff said…

    “This is becoming so common that I have to check the time as well as the date to make sure its not already covered.”. Yep, I’m the same. I keep thinking I’m reading about an old one, but alas, they’re always a new case…

  3. Good point [email protected], I amend my statement that their original job was not to protect but to clean up the mess, the politicians have since changed that to protect the flavor of the week minority.

    Irish over here the Courts have all ruled that the police have no duty to protect anyone, only to chase the criminals after the fact.

  4. So go to Canada get the crap beaten out of you by a group of ragheads cause i was wearing something they didnt like, who then gets away with it based on religion. But the cops were to busy to prevent my death as they were busy kow towing to the screaming mustards

    what a good way to promote Canada.

    Whilst i relaise that this could happen anywhere, for the courts to tell the cops not to do their job is wrong.
    I bet if i defended myself and one of them died i would be charged with murder and jailed meanwhile they get off scot free

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