Police tell crime victim to ‘walk home on socks’

An original Translation by Michael Laudahn

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From The Telegraaf:

 The injuries of the man caused by a knife, as claimed by the man


HILVERSUM: A 24-year old man, who was brutally abused and robbed by five moroccan men last weekend, was sent home on his socks by police. The victim had been robbed of his shoes and heard that police do not entertain a shuttle service.

The 24-year old inhabitant of Bussum  had visited the Hilversum on Air festival that evening. Then, he was attacked near the Hilversum mediapark by two youths on a scooter. They kicked the victim of his bicycle, upon which another three attackers joined in. Then, the victim was battered by this five-men group. One of the attackers also attacked the young man with a knife.

‘His jacket has been shred, and he’s got lacerations in his side and on his breast’, tells his girlfriend in the Gooi- en Eemlander. The Bussum inhabitant got his bike, purse and phone stolen. Also, his shoes were removed by force and taken by the group, which then disappepared. Then, the victim walked on his socks to the police station. There he asked police if they would take him home, but they were not prepared for it. According to the information received, they made him understand that the police is not a shuttle service. ‘He walked all the way home on socks, with all his wounds.

He arrived only around 5.30. It’s absurd that someone in his condition is left over to his fate.’

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5 Replies to “Police tell crime victim to ‘walk home on socks’”

  1. I quoted from a usually reliable newspaper. Even if it was made up, it appeared trustworthy, because – as we all know by now – it could very well have happened, because it has happened so many times before, and it will certainly happen so many times again.

    And let me cite this reaction from the site given by you:

    ‘En *toch* gaan we lekker PVV stemmen!’ = And still we will love to vote for the PVV! [Geert Wilders’ freedom party, on the upcoming elections on the 12th]

    Good luck, Geert!

  2. Actually to be fair, it is not the job of the Police to provide a taxi service, but they could have phoned an ambulance for him. I’m more concerned about whether the police did the job that they are supposed to do. Did they do anything to catch these criminals?

  3. Michael Laudahn

    Yes, were I dutch, I would vote PVV; I’m flemish, and I will be voting Vlaams Belang, the so-called “right wing extremist” party of Flanders.

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