Iran: We treat Israeli military threats as American

It appears the Obama plan to mess with israel didn’t work out quite like he imagined. Who does he think the IRI is after all?

From the J-Post:

Tehran says it will punish any US “folly” in Gulf, according to Fars news agency; Erdogan: Strike on Iran would be ‘apocalypse.’

IAF F-15s refueling midflight [file]PHOTO: BAZ RATNER / REUTERS

DUBAI – Iran makes no distinction between US and Israeli interests and will retaliate against both countries if attacked, an Iranian military commander said on Wednesday.

The comments came after the White House denied an Israeli news report that it was negotiating with Tehran to keep out of a future Israel-Iran war and as US President Barack Obama fends off accusations from his election rival that he is too soft on Tehran.

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4 Replies to “Iran: We treat Israeli military threats as American”

  1. To lessen the causalities in the coming war it should have been started 10 or 20 years ago, instead we have given them time to put all of their assets in place where they can attack the west when ordered.

    Iran is unable to separate the Great Satan and the Little Satan, this is a problem for them since Obama will not order any attack as long as the US isn’t attacked.

  2. The more Obama appeases the mullahs the more the mullahs threaten the Obomanation!! And of course Obama could not care less if Iran attacks America, as a) he hates America and will have his jizya-funded bolthole to be safe in, and b) will blame it all on Israel refusing to allow herself and all Jews to be annihilated.

  3. Recall, the first gulf war was meant to result in ‘apocalypse’, as was the second. Last time I looked, we’re all still here. I expect the same result should there be war with Iran.

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