Egypt Shuts Down Last Jewish Synagogue

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Front Page Magazine:

The Anti-Israel crowd likes to pretend that the ethnic cleansing of the Middle East’s Jews was an economic phenomenon. And every few weeks there is a reminder of how precarious the situation is even for the few Jews still remaining, in what was once an Egyptian city with a tremendous Jewish population.

For the first time in 2,000 years, this year there will be no Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur services at the Eliyahu Hanavi Synagogue in Alexandria.

The synagogue was the last ‘working’ synagogue in Egypt. The Egyptian authorities have banned High Holiday services for ‘security’ reasons.

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10 Replies to “Egypt Shuts Down Last Jewish Synagogue”

  1. The last Jewish place of worship in Israel gone? Only to be expected really.
    It’s just a sad sign of the (End?) times that we live in!
    Things are going to get worse.
    Anti-Semitism will increase. The Arab World will become more powerful. Christians will face more persecution and so eventually will other religions (eg Hindus). Atheists and Agnostics will be next on the list. This is just the beginning, but the time of Islam is very short. Keep the counter-jihad movement going and keep speaking the truth. Don’t give up!
    If you think it’s ugly now, just you wait!

  2. shitlam may lose in the end but how many innocent people have to suffer for it, how many will be tortured and killed until some brave government decides to do something constructive instead of sitting on their asses pretending it doesnt exist.

  3. I am an American Jew living in Egypt and this story is simply untrue. There are a number of active synagogues in Egypt, including two in Cairo, where I live. I will be attending High Holy Day services in a synagogue in Maadi along with a number of other Western and Egyptian Jews.

  4. Even if the story is not true, Egypt is most probably still a dangerous place to be in for us poor infidels or Western people who do not wish to bow down to any of their horrible authoritarian islamic domination, in Middle East, Near East, Asia, Africa. I guess we infidels just have to stop being afraid of them or just avoid going to their arrogant eastern and islamic dominated lands.

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