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9 Replies to “CBN: salafism in Germany”

  1. He seems like such a cowardly, slimy little creep. Whilst lying through his teeth he claims that he is trying to stop jihad and has now received death threats himself.
    This is the real face of Islam, cowardly and weak when confronted, but vicious and unmerciful when in a position of power. Oh, and one more thing, the loony radical clerics are always so fugly!

  2. If he wants so much to go back to the East, why don’t the Germans prove their altruism and good-will and DEPORT HIM AND HIS TRIBE?

  3. Send this video to Jason, Vic, Stephen, because if we don’t stop those lunatics in their tracks, we will be in the same sick boat sinking,

    Fuck islam, and their sick mosques, korans, religion, costumes, values, fight fight fight against these creeping signs in every walk of life in Canada, eroding the very life blood of our great nation, It is NOT freedom of religion to give them a free hand to move in and destroy all we hold dear….These extremists must be stopped

    Stop alll isamaic muslim immigration to Canada, and prevent these psychos from interbreeding by changing the marriage laws back to support the taboos of family kin marriages, so that they can be prosecuted..

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