Muslims Attack 6-Year-Old Jewish Girl and Father

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There’s one thing that the Thousand Year Reich and the Thousand Year Multicultural EU have in common. Neither of them are workable. Both end with attacks on Jews.

A 53-year-old Jewish man and his six-year-old daughter have become victims of an anti-Semitic attack in downtown Berlin which was reportedly committed by four youth of Arab origin. The man had to be brought to hospital with wounds at his head. Reportedly, one of the youth asked the man, who wore a kippah: “Are you a Jew?” He then hit him on the head several times and insulted his religion and his mother. He also threatened to kill the six-year-old girl.

But proving that Jewish leaders are equally clueless in Berlin as they are in New York or Los Angeles, the head of the president of the Central Council of Jews in Germany had these words of wisdom to offer.

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3 Replies to “Muslims Attack 6-Year-Old Jewish Girl and Father”

  1. The strain of antisemitism that runs through all European cultures is once again politically correct, welcome to the past.

  2. Yet if we attack their religion we are racist!
    I hope that one day when the world wakes up to what islam is really like then we can do something with the likes of these gutless pissants. i hope the equally gutless justice system jails them with a view that they are a menace to society and never to be released.

  3. Greenfield, an astute writer, gets past all the politicians saying they won’t tolerate xenophobia. Quote,

    But is it still xenophobia and intolerance if the people carrying out the attack have come from outside and brought their xenophobia along with them? Is a Muslim in Berlin being intolerant and xenophobic when he attacks Jews? Is he taking ownership of Berlin and trying to keep Jews out or does he just hate Jews as the Korans tells him to?

    What a dilemma! You cannot take the xenophobic Muslim to task without being called a xenophobe yourself. It’s a fine mess our “leaders” have brought to the West.

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