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5 Replies to “Fascinating lecture by the film maker who made the Obama film.”

  1. The director, Joel Gilbert holds “journalists” feet to the fire for betraying the American Public and the Journalist’s Creed. As far as I’m concerned , today’s “journalists” and I use the term lightly, are nothing but liars & traitors.

    Mr. Gilbert also puts his money where his moth is in his bid to expose the anointed one for the lie that he is. Mr. Gilbert is sending the American people his video free of charge so they know what they are REALLY voting for. Bless him for standing up and calling a spade a spade in the case of “journalists” & obama.

  2. Gilbert’s film, “Dreams FROM my Real Father” should not be confused with the film by Dinesh D’Souza, “2016, Obama’s America”. Having seen 2016, its safe to say it looks like Gilbert’s film takes a very different approach to address Obama’s bio. I also notice critical reaction to the D’Souza film has been very slow to surface, having taken over two weeks since 2016’s release. . .here and here .

    Glad to see these films coming out now . . better late than never – especially given the film version of Obama’s sanctioned version of the UBL takedown (zero dark thirty) is consistently previewed before every movie I’ve seen this summer.

    FWIW, I’ve purchased a copy of Gilbert’s film to show my support for his effort, but have not received it yet.

  3. Releasing them now, when they can influence the election is good timing, I don’t know how many people will be influenced by the films but some will watch and change their votes.

    The only real journalists alive today are conservatives, the leftist in the MSM are propaganda people, not journalists.

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