UN staff jailed in Burma

The Guardian:

Two United Nations workers sentenced for alleged involvement in ethnic violence between Buddhists and Muslims in June

  • Associated Press in Yangon
  • guardian.co.uk,
Burma communal violence

Firemen tackle blazes during fighting between Rakhine Buddhists and Rohingya Muslims in June. Photograph: Staff/Reuters

A court in Burma has sentenced two United Nations workers to prison terms for their alleged involvement in a spate of bloody communal violence in the west of the country in June.

The punishments were handed down on Friday in the Rakhine state town of Maungdaw, said Aye Win, a UN spokesman based in Burma. One of those sentenced was an employee of the UN refugee agency and the other the UN World Food Programme.

A spokesperson for the world body’s refugee agency in Bangkok, Vivian Tan, called the verdicts “very disappointing”.

Tan said a third aid worker employed by another unidentified humanitarian group working with the UN was also convicted.

UN officials said they had no details on the official charges.

The Burma independent newspaper Weekly Eleven reported that the staff members – all believed to be from the local Muslim community – were charged with crimes including promoting hatred between Buddhists and Muslims and participation in arson attacks. The paper cited anonymous court sources in its report, and said the sentences ranged from two to six years.

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4 Replies to “UN staff jailed in Burma”

  1. Well it says that the UN staff were from the Muslim community. I think that is all the information any news service is legally allowed to give at this point if there is the slightest chance it will make Islam or Muslims look bad, since we all already seem to be under the sharia

  2. Regardless if these UN employees are Muslim or not I really do not care. To me it is just nice to see a country not kowtowing to the UN bullies. I do not feel sorry for these UN employees.

    Why don’t I feel sorry for the poor lil UN employees? Actually it has nothing to do with Islam at all. Just look up all the cases of UN Employees partaking in child prostitution all over Africa and other conflicts. Just because they work for the UN does not mean they are holier than thou.

    I feel the UN does more harm than good. Until someone proves to me otherwise that’s my stance on the matter.

  3. The UN mandates that muslims are given first priority in many things, especially immigration to the West. The UN’s largest voting block is the muslim OIC. The UN is pro-islam. Do you really think the UN has non-muslim’s best interest at heart? If you do, you’re a fool. The UN has become a tool of islam and possibly “One World Government” backers. Think about it, one world religion: who’s pushing for that?-islam, one world government: who’s pushing for that?-islam. What is the vehicle for the OWG?- the UN. It all fits.

    I never thought i’d buy into the OWG conspiracy theory but the facts are hard to ignore.

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