Stephen Coughlin: Understanding the jihadist threat through sharia (Islamic law)

There will be lots more coming soon. This however, is up to standard. Which is to say it is superb and very very important. The next one will be on ‘abrogation’, a critically important thing to understand if you want to be able to predict events in the Islamic world and its effects on all of us.

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  1. I like the way that he says that even if the Muslim terrorist is killing us because he misunderstands Islam (a peaceful religion misinterpreted to be violent), he is still killing us!
    And this is the point!
    We here know that Islam is violent, but even those that don’t know this and who naively believe Islam to be peaceful should accept that Islam is still responsible for murder and death, regardless of who is interpreting it!
    It doesn’t matter whether your potential killer is trying to kill you because he is right or because he is wrong – he is still trying to kill you!
    Islam is not a religion of peace and we know that, but to all those idiots who say that it really is peaceful, but has been misinterpreted, then I say ‘so what?’
    If it keeps being misinterpreted then there is something wrong with it!
    Either way – peaceful but misunderstood, or – violent and completely understood, ISLAM IS FUCKING DANGEROUS…..
    Even Leftist idiots should be able to grasp this concept!
    Put it another way…. If the Koran is a peaceful book that extremists misunderstand and where verses are always taken out of context, then why is that the case?
    The Koran is dangerous. Is this because it is a magical book that no one can understand? If so, then it should not be read by anyone!
    I’m not saying that Islam is peaceful. Anyone who understands abrogation, taqiyya and understands the Hadiths and the Sira will realise that it is not, but to all those ignorant fools who don’t know this, then why do they not realize that Islam is dangerous anyway?
    Dangerous, because it is misunderstood, dangerous because it is hijacked by terrorists, and dangerous because it kills people!

  2. You can’t go wrong with Stephen Coughlin’s lectures. He lays the facts at your feet. You just have to pay attention & absorb the truth.

  3. The Marxist Left and Islam have many points in common

    1. They both hanker for a global government – world government in the case of Marxists, the Calliphate for Muslims.

    2. Both systems adulate a “great” leader – Stalin or Lenin type for Marxists, a caliph or an ayatollah, in the case for Muslims

    3. Both systems detest individuality.

    4. Both systems hate Christianity as it puts the individual at the centre, while separating his duty to the state from his belief. Neither the Marxists or Islam can tolerate such a separation. For both, the ideology/belief, and the state, are one and the same.

    For either one to succeed, they both need to first destroy Christianity- the faith that lies at the foundation of Western civilisation, and still serves as the model for developing nations. Only after the destruction of Christianity can they proceed to tear each other over the remains.

    The Left understands perfectly what Islam is about. Havnt we wondered for a decade at least, why Feminists have never criticised Islam. Feminists, first and foremost are Leftist communists. They merely use the alleged oppression of women to batter the West.

  4. He is successful in fighting the people who try and ignore the facts, I love the point he makes that it doesn’t matter how many different schools of Islamic law there are, what matters is the one the jihadists are following.

  5. A new version of this is on the way up with an additional 15 minutes at the end. Its worth watching the whole thing again for it but for those who have seen it already, scroll to the 43 minute mark and take it from there.

    It should be live in 3 hours from now

  6. I wonder how long Stephen Coughlin would last giving the above lecture in Norway today. Would he be arrested for spreading hate? Would they say that he and Anders Breivik were cut from the same cloth? Would somebody just say, “You can find violent stuff in any religious text, why are you cherry-picking Islam?”. Who would listen to Coughlin after he is introduced as a far-right, islamaphobic, angry white male?

    No matter how right Major Coughlin is, and no matter how clearly he can prove what he is saying, nobody is going to even listen to him for fear of being labelled “right wing”. To a lot of people, being called right wing means being shunned by their friends and social circle, so they dare not even look in the direction of Stephen Coughlin or his facts. The Age of Reason is well and truly over…

  7. The label right wing is loosing its sting, at least in the US, the left has over used this term just as they have over used racist, in the near future neither will mean anything.

  8. I agree that the term right wing is losing its sting. The big one though is the term racist. Now that has a lot of power. However, thankfully with Islam we know and most people know it is not a race of people. However, the media still trys that trick. Most people are not as stupid as the media likes to make out. I have faith in people. Sure there are lots of idiots out there but that is life. It is a continuum of abilities. The MSM is certainly losing its power in this internet age. One thing gets me is that the idiots out there who are into mayan/conspiracy etc stuff are usually so whacked out with UFO sitings and ancient Indian flying craft called Vamana that they have no idea what the media is even trying to say. I met a guy like that not long ago and I thanked God for his complete stupidity. He is so stupid that the MSM is too brilliant for him. So there is no way they can brainwash him! He is just too stupid. He is also inbred so that may account for it.

  9. Ok, so the main page vid stalled but when I tried to watch the vid on the comments page it is ok. Oh & take that 53:18 mark with a grain of salt, it’s somewhere around there. Thanks.

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