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4 Replies to “Jordanian special olympians compete in the ‘rape the infidel’ category and get bronze”

  1. They claim that the evidence is flimsy and that the disability of one of the men is too severe for him to obtain sexual gratification. I doubt that. He probably can’t gratify himself in the normal way, but I bet he has an outlet, and he’s probably sexually frustrated as a result of this.
    Still, the evidence is poor, so we’ll have to wait and see, but I always believe that there’s no smoke without fire.

  2. Evidence is poor because women are no longer taught to mark their attackers – even skin under your fingernails can help get a DNA match.

    We shall have to return to the first-wave of emancipation, this ‘being equal and still retaining your femininity’ only works with men whose mothers were emancipated.

  3. Rape is a crime of violence as well as sex, the sexual gratification can and often does include the sadistic pleasure of the victims suffering, which is often the whole purpose of the rape.

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