Michael Coren expresses concern about police today in the Western world.

I find this to be a rather bad omen. When classical conservatives such as Mr. Coren or Lowell Green (more on that later) who have always been champions of the police and staunch supporters of them start to publicly question their motives and strategy or even entertain the notion that the strategy of police is other than as defenders of our rights and the law I would call that a very bad sign for Western secular liberal democracy.

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  1. It is not the ordinary ‘bobby on the beat’, to use a British euphemism, that is to blame, but the senior police ranks that have been infiltrated by Leftists, progressives, Muslims and do-gooder liberals. They are also taking orders from an increasingly corrupt and immoral government. I am sure that the Police could continue to do an unbiased job if they weren’t under the control of the Marxist-Islamist tyranny that has neutered them.

  2. Yes and no, the police could do a better job but from what I have seen it is only the older patrol officers that thing the law should be applied evenly, the others think there is nothing wrong with creating a layered justice system.

  3. Muslims are renowned for not tolerating anything that may, just may upset them, or their cultural norms. While we OTH are prepared to Tolerate everything. Moreover there is continuous propaganda that ours is a culture of TOLERANCE.

    Given abundant evidence that this is the case, authorities will always side with Muslims, as that is the way to have social peace. The police will thus be advised by the authority that they must do everything to appease Muslims, as that is the way to maintain peace – the police are merely following orders. This attitude by the authorities is clear to Muslims, and they exploit it to the hilt.

    The cure to the disease lies in the disease itself. The way forward is to vehemently oppose Islam on the streets and squares. This is what the EDL has started, and this is why the authorities are so worried. They know that Muslim tactics cannot be changed, as Islam cannot be changed. So they attack the EDL with all the force they can summon. They have to stop the EDL or else civil war is a reality. The evidence that the EDL is really hurting the elite, is the hysteria of the authorities when it comes to the EDL.

    The EDL, by design or happenstance, have found an effective counter-Jihad policy. Please support the EDL by all means. Bravo EDL.

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