Hungarian soccer fans shout anti-Semitic slurs

Ive said it before and I say it again. The Jewish Defense League is dead wrong. The have a slogan, “Every Jew, a .22” That is frankly preposterous and even un-american.

Jews should carry a .32 minimum and I’m thinkin a .45 would not be unreasonable.

The Jerusalem Post:

Supporters of Hungarian team can be heard shouting “filthy Jews” during the Israeli national anthem.

Video shows soccer fans in Hungary shoutingPHOTO: YOUTUBE SCREENSHOT

Hungarian soccer fans shouted anti-Semitic slurs and jeered when the Israeli national anthem was played during a match between Israel and Hungary in Budapest last Wednesday.

In a video clip uploaded to YouTube, supporters of the Hungarian team can be heard shouting “filthy Jews” and “Buchenwald,” the name of a Nazi death camp, while Israel’s “Hatikva“ is played in the background. A few dozen supporters can be seen turning their backs to the field in protest and at least one praises Italian dictator Benito Mussolini, an ally of Nazi Germany.


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  1. Idiots. One of the things that annoyed Hitler about Mussolini was that he refused to help Hitler round up jews and refused to send them to Germany to be killed… The Israelis were probaby amused by the ignorance of these fascist dirtwads.

  2. Somewhat related, via, the current Hungarian admin are leaning towards historic revisionism, with efforts to identify as originating from Central Asia:
    Conflict over the heritage of Saint Stephen’s heritageAugust 21st, 2012

    A right-wing commentator praises the Orbán government for continuing Saint Stephen’s heritage by strengthening the Hungarian state. A left-wing columnist, on the other hand, accuses the government of betraying the legendary Hungarian king’s efforts to modernize the country, by weakening democracy and turning away from the West.

    The 20th of August was declared Hungary’s main national holiday by the first democratically elected parliament in 1990. Since then each Saint Stephen’s day, political leaders and pundits regularly produce rival interpretations of how Hungary must be faithful to the heritage of its first Christian king.

    Stephen, the founder of modern Hungary , was a great sovereign not only because he realized the importance of converting his people to Christianity and allying with the West, but also because he was able to build a strong state, writes István Stefka, editor in chief of Magyar Hírlap on the occasion. A strong state can only be created and maintained if a good leader asserts his power, the pro-government commentator suggests. As opposed to the great leaders of the country, the former Communist and Nazi rulers needed power in order to rob, humiliate and torture Hungarians. Stefka believes that while the previous Socialist governments used their power only to steal, Viktor Orbán is proving himself loyal to Stephen’s heritage, by using his power wisely, in order to strengthen Hungary, through his ‘freedom fight’ against foreign financial interests.

    In Népszava, Tibor Várkonyi contends that the Orbán government has betrayed the heritage of Stephen by weakening democratic institutions. He likens the centre right government to the pagans who opposed Stephen the westernizer. He accuses the governing rightwing majority of turning away from the West and praising non-democratic Eastern regimes, including Communist China. Stephen wanted to create a modern state, while PM Orbán’s Constitutional overhaul “abolished basic rights in the hope of creating a monarchic-style rule, which cannot be reversed”, Várkonyi contends.

    Kurultay: Asian origins extolled August 14th, 2012

    A right-wing columnist claims that Hungarians should be proud of their Asian origins, without however embracing the racist and homophobic rhetoric of the extreme right. Meanwhile, the leading left-wing daily accuses Fidesz of having integrated far-right Jobbik, and its rhetoric.
    In Magyar Hírlap Gergely Huth writes Hungarians are „waking up” from the false identity imposed by on them by the left-liberal elite whom he describes as the last beneficiaries of the Kádár-regime, citing philosopher Ágnes Heller as an example. A new national consciousness is in the making, he claims, that does not shrink from being proud of a Central Asian ancestry. He praises anthropologist Zsolt András Bíró at whose initiative the annual „ tribal assembly” called Kurultay took place over the weekend, with colourful delegations from a dozen Asian nations. Huth finds it disturbing that the lead singer of the Kárpátia rock band was allowed to „spit” racist and homophobic slogans from the stage. (The radical nationalist rock band gained nationwide notoriety when its supporters attacked and damaged a small cultural agency that did not offer tickets to Kárpátia gigs.) He warns the organisers that such „boorish” behaviour damages the „new national consciousness” that took so much effort and time to develop. “This unprecedented movement should not be poisoned by the most primitive current of Hungarian far-right extremism,” he concludes.

    In its front page editorial, Népszabadság quotes Jobbik leader Gábor Vona’s pledge that he would be ready to join Fidesz in eliminating the socialist Party, and interprets this as a coalition offer. The author accuses Fidesz of branding MSZP an enemy of the nation, which rhymes well with the rhetoric of Jobbik. Vona himself has claimed that Jobbik was a catalyst in “the emergence of a new national consciousness”, but according to Népszabadság, things have gone further than that, for Fidesz has already incorporated Jobbik into “everything it is doing”.

  3. I once worked with a Hungarian man who came to the U.S. after the Hungarian Revolution. When he was once planning a party and invited me, I asked if he was going to invite the other Hungarian in the project. He said: “Oh, no! He’s JUST A JEW!” I was flabbergasted to hear such blatant Jew-hatred from the lips of an otherwise elegant and educated gentleman. I fear that European antisemitism is endemic and incurable.

  4. It’s in western Europe too. I notice it when I read conservative UK blogs — more anti-Semitism than Canada or the US. I think the western Europeans are just more schooled in PC.

  5. @Anne von Kanada

    I wouldn’t take too much notice of the blogs. I have noticed myself that any blogs mentioning Israel always bring out the Israelophobic trolls, who seem to spend their entire lives trawling the internet for a chance to spout their bile and venom. I suspect the numbers of genuine neo-Nazi Jew haters are quite small but they get support from the mindless, brainwashed dhimmis who are churned out by the so called education system, which has been dumbed down to the extent that half the kids leaving school are functionally illiterate; the delta and epsilon semi-morons of the Brave New Labour World, voting fodder for the left.

    The distorted, hate filled faces of the Israelophobic antifa type far left as they shout obscenities against Israel and Jews are, I suspect, more to do with their hatred of all things Western in general. They see Israel as an outpost of Western civilisation in the third world, much as South Africa was once regarded, so all their anger and loathing is directed against it. They are totally incapable of seeing beyond that to the horrors of Islam, just as they were incapable of seeing the horrors of black Africa. This is why they see no contradiction in allying themselves with the most regressive people on the planet. The virulent misogyny and homophobia inherent within Islam simply do not register with them as their focus is entirely directed against all things Western.

  6. PamM:

    A good well thought out post.
    It is my experience that most vitriolic Israelophobes (a new word!) cannot actually tell you why they hate the Idea of a Jewish state, they only repeat what the neo-Nazi’s tell them and they fail to answer when given undeniable facts.

  7. According to, Israel is demanding an apology for antisemitic soccer incident
    which included the Display of Iranian flags during the Hungary-Israel soccer match

    video of Jan. 21, 2011, Kurultay Foundation Opening Speech byZsolt András Bíró
    One doesn’t need to understand the Hungarian language to interpret this hideous inversion of Hungarian legacy. Simply glance at the stage, enhanced with Islamic flag identities.
    It is disheartening to find the subject of “eastern origins” is not well understood by the majority of that blogs audience as illusrated in this post Delegates from kindred nations arriving in Hungary

    OT, but a curiosity worth mentioning . . .Former Governor of NYS, George Pataki becomes Hungarian citizen and intends to vote in the 2014 national election.

  8. Throughout all of recorded history there has been a strain of antisemitism running through all European nations, sometimes it is forced down but always raises it head before a major war.

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