Police in Canada (and elsewhere) clearly no longer enforce the law or peoples rights but work to keep the peace at the expense of the law.

There is now sufficient evidence at this stage to see how the police operate. Over and over again, police have been instructing people to change their activity or location even though they were acting 100% within Canada’s laws in order to preserve the peace. This strategy not only is illegal on the part of the police but stems from a very bad and dangerous premise. The notion that non-violence is the ideal at all costs.

Everyone already knows how to achieve that. Its called ‘surrender’.

The entire purpose of a nation of free people more or less abdicating their own individual mandates to the use of force and force multipliers (like guns and so on) to a state regulated and paid for enforcement arm such as police etc. is the idea that these organizations will guarantee our rights under the law in the face of a hostile threat. Whether this be to our safety or our property. Even that premise is flawed of course as anyone who has been mugged or raped can tell you, when seconds count the police are only minutes away. But now we see a much more serious problem in the actual root premise of police operations. Now we see police acting against our most basic liberties in many cases in order to stop any kind of violence whatsoever. This is not just Canada but US and Europe as well.

Last year at the Iranian sponsored, “Al Thugs” (Thank you blazing Cat Fur for that one) demonstration police instructed people not to photograph demonstrating muslim women as they didn’t like it.

See if you can wrap your heads around that one.

People, at a public demonstration, the purpose of which is to be seen by as many people as possible, and are carrying signs with their message, where getting police to stop people from photographing these people because it ran contrary to religious law according to them.

Of course the police should have been protecting the rights of people to photograph them as was their legal right to do so, even, and perhaps especially if the muslims became violent. There is no question about the legality here. But the police opted for safety and surrendered our rights without a fight.

Blazing Cat Fur just sent this video of yesterdays activity at Al Quds in Toronto:

There are hundreds of examples of this kind of enforcement in Europe. Essentially a strategy of mass-surrender and a faster-than-gradual move for the same police force to go from protecting and defending Western secular liberal democracy to the sharia.

I dubt the police and various governments that control them intend for this to be the outcome. It probably has more to do with optics than religion. But this is the guaranteed outcome of this strategy.

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  1. Our Anglo Saxon tradition of individual liberty grew out of the old Saxon custom of let all free men be armed, when various nations gave up their weapons trusting the government to protect them they also gave up their freedom. We are seeing more and more actions by the police to prevent people from exercising their rights, and in the nations that have successfully disarmed their citizens the courts normally take the side of the police.

  2. No news here. This is a common recurrence all over Europe, the United States and Canada. The police has become the tool of political correctness. Needless to say that a majority of the front line officers are against this role but have no choice. They are following orders.

  3. here is a video of a gay man that is pro-Israel the guy that made the tap somehow claims he is racists I don’t see any racists remarks

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