…and Sharia comes to Ontario anyway.

Blazing Cat Fur has this story on how a man was arrested for walking his dog near Muslims yesterday at Queens Park (Ontario’s Provincial Parliament) and when Muslims assaulted him and beat him for offending them with the presence of his dog, of course the offender was arrested.

Click here for the whole thing:


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8 Replies to “…and Sharia comes to Ontario anyway.”

  1. next year, unleash truck loads of dogs onto Queens park

    Call out all dog walkers,

    Anyone with dogs to walk them around the protesters

    The Toronto police have a reputation of being tied for the most corrupt with Vancouver….. stupid, although they earn over 150 thousand a month doing overtime,
    they are corrupt from the top down….

    Disgusting evidence of appeasing terrorist minded lunatics in a free democracy….

    Maggots that support this al quds day should be photographed by CSIS, their whole lives documented and watched, some are just vacuous idiots, but there are many frightening individuals amongst these people,
    Scary enoiugh to think what they are teaching their littel kiddies who will become hardened terrorist minded teens,,,,yikes
    Lets bring in more immgrants of this nature eh? Jason is really overworked

  2. The politicians are showing they are interested in personal power rather then what is best for the nation, remove them from office before they create a civil war.

  3. I ussually start at the top of the page and work my way down until I see something i ready read. SO I didn’t see this and posted it in the other Al Quds day

  4. I have a suggestion, if he dresses his dog in a niqab (womens sack) next time, maybe they’ll like that better.
    I like the idea of having lots of dogs at anti islamic supremist rallies, I’ve always thought it was a good idea.
    I’m with you Morticia next year, unleash truck loads of dogs onto Queens park.

  5. Its actually a great idea. Perfectly legal and would create the correct kind of dilemma for law enforcement that might actually force them to come down on the side of the law for a change.

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