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7 Replies to “More reports on recent crucifixions of people seen to oppose the Ikhwan in Egypt”

  1. One more “Arab” country descending into the cesspool. I feel sorry for the true Egyptians, the Copts, many of whom cannot get exit visas, 100,000 of whom have left out of 8 million.

  2. I strongly suspect that we are seeing the very center-piece of the “Arab Spring” as the Muslim Brotherhood sets up the first Sunni Muslim Islamic dictatorship in Egypt. They are invincible at this point as they play out their hand so expertly, protected even from the Western Infidels by the power of their “democracy”, which is clearly on the side of the Islamists.

    Crucify opponents? No problem! They are not going to let some sharp-tongued journalist get in the way of Allah’s plan, are they? No! Mohammed himself laid out the blueprint for dealing with sharp-tongued opponents. I think the Muslim Brotherhood of Egypt has been running this whole show from the start, and I think they are about to lock Egypt down so tight they won’t even be able to dream of freedom ever again. They will look back at the age of Hosni Mubarak as the Happy Times, the Golden Age…

  3. I am becoming a little bit concerned about this story. There are no photos or video of this that I can find so far. I would think if this was accurate then there would be evidence of it everywhere.

    If anyone finds photos or videos please post the links here. I do know for a fact that in Al Queda controlled cities in yemen (of which there are two arguably and one most certainly) there have been crucifixions where video and photos are available even on documentaries about it, which I have posted to this site. But none so far of this event in Egypt.

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