US Marine arrested, allegedly for his “patriotic facebook posts”. ***But actually because his FB page is psychotic***

New information is that his facebook page genuinely does show material that should be of concern to authorities in some ways. This person likely needs a psychiatric evaluation if indeed one can be justified at all in the interests of preventing a mass killing as we have seen recently. I think it is important to look at this incident in the light of what his facebook page did say, which from what I have been told would be a red light to anyone.

In the light of free speech absolutism it should still not be grounds for arrest. But a psych eval doesn’t sound like such a bad idea.


I will likely delete this post in the next 24 hours.



I don’t know what, if there is one, the back story is. Based on the Obama administrations cooperation with the Istanbul process and their willingness to use punitive measures against Americans who insult Islam (see Rev Jones) it would not surprise me if this is as advertised.

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  1. The Obama administration has been trying to brand all vets as potential terrorists, especially if we believe in the Constitution. Yesterday at the VA they were handing out questions about if we were thinking about harming ourselves or other people.

  2. When you look at the current climate, when our own leaders are too shit scared to handle this issue themselves and when you are putting your life on the line for your country and getting no assistance from the administration who kow tow to the bleedin heart lefties, they wonder why people go off the deep end and attempt to take matters in their own hands.
    This admin needs to grow a pair, man up and make a stand and fully support its soldiers not crucify them for speaking their mind.

  3. He makes a number of remarks like this. He does sound like he needs help.

    When politicians play games & lie for years. It leads to chronic stress. Actually there should be more people who should have succumbed to mental disease.

    Obama broke contract law when he wiped out stock holders in the GM bailout.
    Too many election are stolen. Al Franken stole an election to become Senator.
    You have chronic stress for 4 or 5 years & you don’t expect a greater number of psych cases?

    P.S. Consider Obama’s academic record. I could list George Bush’s, Al Gores’ & Kerry’s record but not Obama’s. He is a crypto president.

  4. “The Revolution is here. And I will lead it.”
    “I’m starting the Revolution. I’m done waiting.”
    They are made all the time by black activists. I don’t see a problem here. If Black Panthers, Nation of Islam & others can say things like this & not get arrested, then neither should anyone else.

    The reality is that it will get you trouble with officials, but only if you are white.

    When a known high profile politician (Corzine) is caught stealing a billion dollars , is caught lying about it, and get away with it, you got to expect many people to spout off if not actually act.

    I don’t agree with the whole truther thing, but we are under multiple existential threats. Kudlow was warming of a double dip recession last summer. well it didn’t happen due Fed intervention that really did little more than temporarily prop things up. Well it looks like his timing is off. Because 2013 looks like another recession. The we have Islam. Then we have class warfare. & they expect people to stay sane?

  5. I suspect that most patriotic Americans have made worse statements to friends, just not writing them down. Yes he does sound down but not like he really needs counseling, unless things were said and done that we don’t know about.

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