Please check this video again in the context of this Gates of Vienna post

I posted a video I subtitled for some people in haste last week uncertain of its context or value, but it seemed interesting enough to post on its own merits as it seemed to offer a startling contrast to the usual hyperbole coming from the Islamic media on all things Muslim.

Here is the context and explanation for this video. Please click over and read it and check the video out if you can. It is actually quite interesting and generates that rare and precious thing so absent in these posts.


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3 Replies to “Please check this video again in the context of this Gates of Vienna post”

  1. An ideology such as Islam is nigh to impossible to reform. It can only be outgrown at some stage! Apart from being fundamantally defective, the main reason being is that this ideology is an religion. “If you can cause people to worship the Beast, you have created a public immune to the truth”[Ref: Walter Wink “Engaging the Powers” page 94] This is how Islam as a political ideology succeeded where other totalatarian ideologues failed or were short lived.
    However; the situation is not beyond hopeless, because never before in it’s history has Islam being opened up to such scrutiny as it has now. That is why the Islamic clerics are frantic because they know it will not withstand the test.

  2. The educated Moslems are for the most part non practicing, the trick is going to be finding a way to get the uneducated Moslems to stop being practicing Moslems. I doubt if this will happen.

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