Mayors warn of racist gangs

All of this was so unbelievably predictable and could have been so easily prevented. It still can in Canada, but it wont be. We will likely follow the same course.

From this Greek Source:

The mayors of Athens and a town in northeastern Greece where Muslims and Christians have lived peacefully for many years warned Thursday that their communities had to stand up to extremist thugs who have been targeting minorities and immigrants.

“When fellow human beings are being stabbed on an almost daily basis, society has to be alert and the state has to lead the perpetrators to justice,” said Athens Mayor Giorgos Kaminis.

An Iraqi man was stabbed to death in the capital last weekend in a suspected racist attack. The Migrant Workers’ Union claims that more than 500 immigrants have been injured in racially motivated attacks over the last six months.

“The rule of law is the only guarantee to exit this crisis of violence, which is prompted by the large number of illegal migrants entering the country and the attempts of motorcycle-riding fascist gangs to take the law into their own hands,” said Kaminis.

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5 Replies to “Mayors warn of racist gangs”

  1. The citizens do not want anymore immigrants, they don’t even want the ones they have but the politicians are NOT listening. There’s not much a citizen can do if the government continues to ignore their wishes but take matters into their own hands. That’s what’s happening in Greece now and it’s only the beginning. The government tries to condemn it by calling it “racist” but in reality it is not, it’s survival. Greece is being sucked dry by illegal aliens and the taxpayers resent it.

  2. Deliberate Balkanisation of Western countries by the meddling divisive national socialists in EU and US!! Divide and rule, then they bleat about racism, having encouraged it in the first place!

  3. Unfortunately, violence is the only way to attempt to curtail the boundless stupidity of the politically correct policies of the “elites”. These criminals are forcing their populations to resort to violence, just as they are forcing them to be racists and are destroying the last vestiges of charitableness in their already quite cold hearts. Their crimes are legion. I pray they will be made to pay. To the hilt.

  4. “The Migrant Workers’ Union claims that more than 500 immigrants have been injured in racially motivated attacks “– they are unionised? So its organized racketeering. And how do we know the ‘attacks are racially motivated?’

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