Egyptian man beats pregnant wife for taking off veil in heat


(ANSAmed) – Porto Empedocle (Sicily), August 17 – An Egyptian man brutally beat his pregnant wife Friday after she took off her veil in an attempt to find relief from the scorching heat.

The woman, a 20-year-old from the town of Porto Empedocle in Sicily’s southern province of Agrigento, was taken to hospital for treatment.

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2 Replies to “Egyptian man beats pregnant wife for taking off veil in heat”

  1. He should be wrapped in a black cloth coffin, left in the sun to bake and kicked and beaten for an hour or two, then maybe he’d learn something. No, waste of time, nothing would change so just throw his ass in jail & when he’s freed deport him to his homeland.

    Too bad we couldn’t just send them all to another planet where they could just prey on each other.

  2. There is a company that is setting up a ONE WAY trip to Mars. Sounds like a joke but they are planning to make it into a reality TV show

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