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8 Replies to “Aug 7: Members of Greece’s Golden Dawn party raid the ferry where a Pakistani rapist was”

  1. “I support anyone who fights back against islam in any way.”

    I disagree.
    This is the same kind of thinking how fought communism and we ended up supporting Bin Laden. There has been a number of cases in which we fought communism and created new messes.

    But so far I don’t see anything ‘to wrong’ with this group. I am not sure why they don’t let due process take its course maybe they know something we don’t?

  2. OxAO despite the propaganda we never supported bin Laden, he wouldn’t take any help from non Moslem nations, we would have supported him but we didn’t. Personally I lay the blame for that mess on the left, after Russia pulled out the Dems lobbied for us to withdraw and let things alone, the conservatives warned that if we did the jihadists would take over. The Dems won and we now have this mess.

  3. OxAO I hear you loud and clear. But one could argue that due process brought Greece to the brink of utter extinction. The greatest civilization in the history of the world and responsible for more of our own culture than any other including Christianity and Judaism in many ways, through political correctness, demographic collapse and probably an unwillingness to fight to preserve itself.

    I think that Canada and some other nations are able to stop these deleterious processes before we get to where Greece is now, but when I ask myself what would I do if things were as bad as they are in many European nations, its much harder to answer with the same kind of restraint we can still afford in, for example, Canada.

  4. Eeyore you are right, but the time is rapidly approaching when no nation will be able to afford restraint if we want to survive, that is the major reason I am worried about a new Dark Age.

    OxAO once the mess hits the fan we will need to ally with anyone who will fight our enemies, what we must remember is that just because we have common enemies we are not necessarily friends. The person who said that the enemies of my enemies are my friends was a fool.

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