Youtube removes unaltered video of Africans trashing a street for “hate speech”

Perhaps I am missing something. Perhaps the unaltered video showing Africans, (Either north Africans or Sub-Saharan) trashing a main tourist street in Spain somehow said something or advocated something that is hate speech in which case, well ok then. But it seems to me that it was just the raw footage of an actual event that happened and people should be allowed to see it.

When the simple truth unaltered and without comment becomes hate speech we really are in an Orwellian universe.

Below, is my edit of it, which has translation of what is said in the video and a time and date intro screen.

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3 Replies to “Youtube removes unaltered video of Africans trashing a street for “hate speech””

  1. It boggles the mind how anyone could call a video of actual events “hate” speech. Oh right, I forgot, they’re not white so anything that may put them in a bad light, even self-inflicted must be censored as “hate speech/thought” because whites are the only people who can rightfully be condemned for their actions and be expected to take responsibility for their actions.

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