Canadian Schools Teaching 8-Year-Olds There Are Six Genders Without Parental Permission

Yep. We lost the cold war.


Dr. Charles McVety, President of the Institute for Canadian Values writes in the Canadian Times:

The Newly proposed, Ontario curriculum, which teaches six genders (male, female, transgendered, transsexual, two-spirited and inter-sexed) is being taught by teaches in Toronto schools and is confusing to our children. Our precious, impressionable little boys and girls, as young as eight years old, are forced to “role play opposite (gender) roles” and even search images of Pride Week.  The curriculum is mandatory without parental notice or option to withdraw their children.

Last year, parents voiced their concern over this same material.  The Premier promised to withdraw the program.  Instead the Ministry of Education transferred the teaching to another department, refaced the curriculum and belligerently continued to teach this special interest material.  The Ministry admonishes teachers “to address controversial issues” even in the face of “negative parent response”.  Teachers are further warned if they omit any of the curriculum then they will be guilty of “foster(ing) a poisoned environment”.  The fact that they include such a statement means that the Ministry knows that parents are upset but just don’t care.

Would you teach your eight-year-old child, six genders and to question his or her gender?  If not then your home is a “poisoned environment” according to the reasoning of Ontario’s Ministry of Education.

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9 Replies to “Canadian Schools Teaching 8-Year-Olds There Are Six Genders Without Parental Permission”

  1. ::even search images of Pride Week::

    That is horrible – more then half these ”genders” will lead towards pornographic images if you search them, even if you ban all adult images on Google search.

    These sicko’s want to expose our children to people having sex and woman with male body parts. This wouldn’t happen if you had them search for generic terms like love or marriage.

    I personally belief they are aware that these ”genders” are in fact sexual fetishes to many people who enjoy searching for lesbians or trannies – it wouldn’t surprise me if these people want to ”normalize” sadomasochism, swinging and even pedophilia as normal behavior: after all there have been Frank attempts to introduce these perversion into the mainstream since at least the 20’s.

    Don’t expose our children to porn and sexual fetishes!

  2. Bobbejane you are right about the goals they want to destroy all morality and culture to impose their socialist utopia, aka dictatorship on us

  3. Make a seventh one – all by himself in his own category – the Premier of “all that is stupid” McGuilty.”All that is stupid” in this case being the idiots who vote him in.

  4. What all of you need to remember, especially the very ignorant “Bobbejane” is that “THEY” and by that I mean gays , are not all militant and nor demanding this be taught in schools. The militant group is very small but it supplemented by the very large (heterosexual) lefties who are pushing this. Make sure your anger is not misplaced by your biases and be careful who you think is “perverting” your kids.

    Oh and “Bobbejane” does your”generic” definition of love & marriage include the almost exclusively heterosexual custom of incest? Just wondering?

  5. To be honest, do kids that young really need to know the ins and outs of gender anyway? I couldn’t have given a fig leaf at that age what boys were supposed to be and what girls were supposed to be. I was too busy just being. Gender need not be taught until much later at High School in Humanities. Biology should deal with the technicalities of biological sex – male, female and ambiguous sex. Gender and sex are two totally different kettles of fish.

  6. When*Pigs*Fly

    I assume that is bobbejane hates swinging, it would be safe to say they hate incest.

    It is an important point to bring up percentages. Not all gays support this. It is some gays & some leftists. Percentages are important. If we do not know the percentage of gays who support this & those who don’t it will not go well. If Sunnis & Shia (Saudi Arabia & Iran or Iran & Egypt can work together for a significant period of time), then expect people who are anti-gay at some point to work with Islamicists. If leftists are fighting the mainstream culture tooth & nail while we are being assailed by Islamicists (burning platform), then turnabout is fair play.

    This is what I was afraid of. It isn’t about toleration. It isn’t about teaching in schools that there were people, who were gay & made contribution. It is remaking society. Now we have proof & I am incensed.

  7. & Another thing. People from the equatorial regions it has been said to mature faster. So if kid is grouped with other kids of somewhat different genetics & they don’t reach puberty at the same time, I guarantee you that a percentage of kids (may be small but still significant) will have doubts as to their self worth . So then we will have these self appointed, giving each other degrees, cabal of activists go around convincing kids that they are gay. This can happen before puberty. A kid could just be small in height or weight. There have been studies that show a kids height is affected by the size if their mother not thru genetics (although that counts too but form the shear fact of nutrition. But no again we will have gay activists there to greet them, brain wash them & use them.

    It is apparent the way the world ought to be.

  8. @ “John” I see you’ve chosen to completely miss my rather valid points. I already told you it is a very small militant gay group pushing for these accommodations, it is NOT the majority of gay, it is however the majority of lefty helping them.

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