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5 Replies to “Solid analysis on recent events with the Muslim Brotherhood leadership in Egypt.”

  1. Nice to know, how much they really changed in Egypt. Kicking the field marshal (!) out sounds like the prelude to bigger things to come, also taking care of those editors was a clever move, like safety first.

  2. And yes, we who have any clue about the Middle East saw this coming 18 months ago.

    Now that the US has openly sided with Islamic regimes, who’s left? Harper? Even conservatives in Canada are beginning to suffer from the cognitive dissonance of leftist-Islamic red-green disease.

    Anyone who wants to make a difference, ask your MP what Canada is doing about helping Copts to leave that stinking hellhole that Egypt is becoming. Insist on it. As few as 25 to 40 letters to an MP is enough to get his serious attention.

    This is real. If you know any Copts there, as I our family does, who cannot get an exit visa, an offer of sponsorship is the best thing you can do. And if we are going to take on immigration in Canada, Copts carry with them compatible values for Canada and would be beneficial to our country.

  3. Add in the report of Iran giving WMDs to the terrorists and shudder at the answer you will get, 6 months may be an optimistic estimate about the time before the explosion, the Sunni and the Shiite and going to be competing to see who will take over leadership of the coming grand jihad.

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