Greece: According to minister, migration wave equals invasion

An original translation by Michael Laudahn:

From NZZ.Ch:

 Greek police officers guarding a group of migrants that have been intercepted in Athens. 

The greek minister for civil protection, Nikolaos Dendias, has compared the uncontrolled immigration into Greece to an invasion. ‘The country is about to perish. We are facing an invasion’, states the minister.

The minister said on greek Tv that security forces would consistently continue their nationwide action against illegal migration commenced two days earlier. Since saturday morning, Greece has acted against illegal immigrants with a massive police contingent.

Only in the capital Athens, around 1500 officers were deployed on the weekend, in order to control supposed non-EU foreigners without a sojourn permit, as informed by police. Until monday morning, more than 1100 persons without a sojourn permit were brought to a reception camp near Athens.

According to media reports, there were more sorties near the turkish border, in the country’s north-east. The measures are to be continued thus not temporary by nature, said Dendias on [greek] radio.

For a longer time, the country at the south-eastern external EU border has been a venue for migrants from primarily Asia and Africa. In the past ten years, more than a million people sought shelter there. Only in 2010, they were 128 000, according to greek data.

Snaphanen grabbed this BBC Video:

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