Chris Knowles of ICLA interviewed by Michael Coren

“They make it up as they go along, Mr Knowles a good friend of ours, is living in a Kafkaesque nightmare.

Please take the time to watch this important interview of him by Michael Coren.

“Mr Knowles was dismissed with immediate effect and without the right to appeal. Mr. Knowles was told that Leeds City Council viewed the ‘offence’ committed by Mr Knowles to be so grave, even though it has never been named nor described, that he would not even be allowed to have a disciplinary hearing at which he could refute any evidence that was brought against him. No evidence was presented against him.”

Personally I think Both of them have missed the point. It doesn’t matter one bit what this man’s values or views are. it only matters if they impact his job performance. If they cause him to make judgements that are against the purposes of his employment. The fact that both these intelligent men are even discussing what his values are mean they have lost the war already.

One could argue that the very definition of a free society is innocent until proven guilty. This means you can’t get fired for what you think, believe, or except in very specific cases, even for what clubs you belong to or what your extra-caricular activities may be unless it crosses over into your work-life in a way that negatively impacts your performance.

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  1. Agreed, not that I’m slamming Chris on this one as he has to keep his cards close to his chest re: the upcoming tribunal, just saying mate.

  2. It was the Clinton era that brought the Socialist mantra “Character doesn’t count” so the immoral could stay or get into power.
    Now it is “holding morals do count” in removing or preventing people from power.

    There will be a widening gulf between those in the world and those not of the world.

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