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5 Replies to “The topless feminist demonstrators explain themselves”

  1. To all the loud-mouthed, left-wing, arrogant feminists out there, who are really nothing but pseudo-feminists:

    These FEMEN girls are the real feminists. They are shaming you. They are standing for real women’s rights. Something that you won’t do, because you don’t have the courage that your ancestral sisters had. You are all mouth and no stilettos – all talk and no action. You have failed your gender, and you have failed in your duty!

  2. Because they are attractive and showing flesh sadly they will be marginalised and dismissed by most. In fact they are modern day Crusaders fighting against inhumanity they only way they can. They have my utmost respect. Very brave girls.

    Amazing how fast the British Police act to arrest them when they will do little or nothing to apprehend Muslim rape gang members and even go to the lengths of issuing disinformation describing Afghan/Pakistani men as Asians to make recognition difficult. Makes one ashamed to admit to having British ancestors…

    Gotta love those Ukrainian girls!

    Ross, Canberra

  3. The treatment of these women is scandalous.

    Its outrageous, really.

    The Islamophile ‘authorities’ and their clueless police enforcers would never resort to similar measures against screaming burqa wearing mobs or Anjem Chaudreys bearded freaks when they demand ‘sharia 4 UK’ or burn poppies.

    More needs to be done to rub it in their faces.

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