An important article and page on stealth-feeding the public halal foods

Please click over to the originating page for this one. They have a lot of good articles and videos on this very very important aspect of the forcing of Islam on the world at the expense of another set of values.

Boycott Halal 

Throughout the world the halal Industry is gaining ground and profiting through sales to non-muslims by concealment… for with hindsight, we now know that non-muslim shoppers have been buying halal products for many years without realising it. 

Over the past three years there has been a steep increase in halal products and services in many Non-Islamic countries.  

This is causing particular concern, especially in the Food Industry, because halal products are masquerading as the well known brands that we know and love… yet many have been changed to meet the halal standard; or the process by which they are made has been altered to comply with Shariah Law involving Halal services.  

The fact is (and this has been well documented in the media) Halal products are being sold in mainstream food chains to shoppers and consumers as if they are traditional products, but many are now halal certified; many more meat products or bi-products are now different… the animals they come from have been through the  ?ab??ah(?????????) – meaning the animal was turned around to face Mecca, dedicated to Allah with the bismillah or shahada prayer by an imam or similar pious muslim and then Ritually Slaughtered with electro immobilisation(which is NOT proper stunning) or without any stun at all… and yet there is no clear indication that this is a Halal product that has been through an Islamic Ritual on the packaging. 

Even if all meat that is certified halal was properly labelled there would still be a lot of meat that has been through the Halal Ritual Slaughter and cannot be labelled halal. 
There seems to be several ways that Halal Ritually Slaughtered meat ends up becoming Haram… and even though this meat has been through the Ritual Slaughter it is discarded Unlabelled into the mainstream food chain, because meat that has been declared Haram, cannot Legally be labelled Halal!

For example:

  • The meat on inspection after the kill is found to have a blemish… so is declared to be haram
  • The meat may end up being processed in a Non-Halal Cutting Plant… this would make it haram!

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  1. I reccomend having a look at this website.
    Some things that struck me :
    – the suffering and barbarity inflicted on the animals (reminded me of beheading ideos).
    – my disgust at these heathens trying to control our meat supplies and us.
    – the islamic aspect of the Australian/indonesian cattle trade uproar.
    I really dislike the idea of islamists being anywhere near where my meat is produced.

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