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8 Replies to “Michael Coren does show in burka”

  1. Wow, what this imam is in fact saying is that if it is a “policy” it is ok to not hiring muslims. Whats all this so called “islamophobia” then if an employer says he doesnt want to have muslims on his work force. No body forces muslims to apply for jobs with people who dont want them.

  2. Contradiction is the name of their game. On this same site a few items before, the policy of the Swedish police will be changed to accommodate a new uniform for Muslim. In Egypt the policy is that you will be covered. It boggles the mind how these people think. With that said, there is no point to have a debate with this Imam. You simply can’t debate an idiot. You just give him medication.

  3. The Pope is NOT a pedophile. That’s like saying asking him dress up as a teacher or coach and talk about pedophiles. Mohammed raped and ‘took’ as his wife a 9 year-old girl! Who`s talking about pedophiles now.

    Every profession is by default if you’re dealing with humans, prone to human faults and slips. I would challenge anyone to speak to a priest at least once, one-on-one to see who they really are. The difference between Christians and Muslims is that one group is about love, the other about intolerance and hate.

    Think about it, the higher the hierarchy you travel to the Pope, you see how the Church helps its brother, its people and its neighbours. Show me a devout religious IMAM in Iran reaching out HIS hand to anyone but another Muslim.

    Sharia Law. Wow, how intellectual. How equal for women and for our children!
    I’m a woman and I think it disgusting what Islam has done to women in the last 40 years. Listen to the facts.

    I`m sure not every Muslim is the same, some go to Mosque, some don`t. There is a small segment who want to establish Islam all over the world, Islamization. It`s the 2nd Calliph of the faith. There are political Islamists and these are radical ideaologies. Sure, it`s not everyone, but Michael Coren is not talking about everyone. He`s talking about the so-called `liberated` Egypt that STILL is very much Arabic and fundamentalist Islam. This is the danger, CBC and other media ignore this plague and its threats. I`m SO PROUD and HAPPY we have brave REAL MEN who defend our values on and off air.

    God Bless YOU MICHAEL. In shallah.

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